President Turnip!

Friday, 11 November 2016 04:29
Democracy is messy (not that we have had one) and needs constant attention, education and inclusion.... Perhaps this will spur us and awaken our resolve in ways which Hillary would have lulled us to sleep as did Obama's promise of "hope." WE have work to do, and need to seriously face issues and change course/change the world.
IF we want to survive, as a species.
Nature will continue on, however, until our rules and laws are based within the living systems of Nature and diverse life valued as more important than buy products and toxic lifeless landfills, we WILL continue to destroy our lil finite planet which supports all life, including humans. What ARE we choosing?

The only real wealth or security are to be found in clean air, pure water, healthy soil and diverse interconnected communities of life. All else is human egosystems and greed laying waste.
We do create and recreate this world, with every waking dollar. Are we wearing slave labor made overly cheap clothing? Are we continually buying disposable junk we do not really need? And, hmm, where DOES it all come from? What ARE WE leaving behind?
Too few of us bother to look into our own trash cans of lifeless icky goo, week after year. There is no "away." Cancel your garbage service. It will change your life.
Too few of us bother to examine our knee jerking beliefs and certaintudes, aside from shooting at whowhatever is different or challenges us.....
It's just not the leaders folks, it is WE, the people.
What ARE we choosing?
Too few practice what too many profess
and where is the
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