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NDF Lauds Catholic Bishops' Stand on Mining; Asks Support for Peace Talks

Written by Noel Sales Barcelona   
Saturday, 13 November 2010 05:32
ANTIPOLO City, November 14, 2010 — Even the communist, National Democratic Front (NDF) has lauded the stance of the Catholic bishops on the issue of mining in the Eastern Visayas Region.

“It is commendable for the Catholic bishops to appeal to the Aquino government to stop mining in the region. They are reflecting the stand of the majority of the people, who reject the mining projects of foreign and local capitalists as inimical to the national patrimony, the environment and genuine development. But we also urge the Catholic bishops to support the resumption of peace talks with the NDFP because of the slated discussion of socio-economic reforms. In the larger context, the mining issue is a glaring example that socio-economic reforms are necessary to address the problems of poverty, foreign exploitation and environmental destruction," says NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas in a statement sent to CBCPNews.

Earlier bishops in the Eastern Visayas region have issued an open letter to Pres. Aquino to stop the mining activities in the area as it is detrimental both to the environment and people’s health.

Meanwhile, Salas lambasted Pres. Aquino’s commitment to neo-liberal globalization, allegedly espoused by US ‘imperialism’ that he promotes the exploitation of the natural resources in the region.

“But because also of widespread public anger, the government officials pretend to care for the environment and the people's welfare. [However] even if the Aquino government insists there are "safeguards" and "sustainability", handing over our natural resources to foreign exploiters is essentially an abdication of responsibility over these,” Salas said.

The priest, on the other hand, advises Aquino on how the mining activities in the country can be of great benefit to the people:

“The best alternative is including mining in an economic program geared towards national industrialization and land reform for the benefit of the people. They are the best guardians in ensuring the wise and long-term use of our natural resources if they understand it is in their own interests to do so," explained Salas. your social media marketing partner
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