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writing for godot


Written by John Glassco   
Friday, 17 June 2016 19:19
After the end times, and when humans are gone, gone, gone from the planet, just like the dinos, the earth will still be around circling the sun. It will eventually heal itself.

Far in the distant future, when some alien archaeologist from some other "intelligent" civilization lands on earth with their instruments to examine the earthworks of our interstate highways, our nuclear waste dumps, our landfills, and the other traces of our lost civilization, they will ask themselves what ever happened to the humans?

Like the disappearance of the civilizations of the Incas, or the Aztecs, or the Easter Islanders, they may ponder what natural event happened, or likely what we did to our planet to cause our own demise. They may figure out that we cut our connection with the natural systems that sustained us - we fouled our own nest. The evidence is everywhere today in all directions including up. your social media marketing partner
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