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An Informal History of ACD Science

Written by Tom Saunders   
Friday, 19 February 2016 06:56
An Informal History of ACD Science
Tom Saunders, B.A. /B.S. Certified Linguist, Activist

Anthropogenic Climate Disruption Science includes the study of severe inland floods, rising oceans, droughts, super storms, ocean/lake acidification destruction, earthquakes, toxic biological, chemical, and radioactive contaminations, growing global greenhouse gas effects, huge property damage, social instability, famine, community displacement, and critical shortages of life essential goods, and fewer organized essential life services. The world will also see an ever increasing number of extinctions of land and ocean creatures, occurring in severity per each future 50 year ACD timeline cycle.

Each one of the events listed above needs to be explained and studied in terms according to an established ACD science model. Frackademics have seen to it no early model for ACD science was allowed to develop. That is about to change and I hope I influence it.

The start ACD as a science can be linked with the advancement of methods to explore applicable theories like the greenhouse effect with new kinds of measuring devices and scientific theories.

Svante Arrhenius in 1896 is attributed to revealing the basic theory of the greenhouse effect. It is said that he sat down and worked it out with a pencil and paper. He knew John Tyndall.

“John Tyndall explained the heat in the Earth's atmosphere in terms of the capacities of the various gases in the air to absorb radiant heat, also known as infrared radiation. His measuring device, which used thermopile technology, is an early landmark in the history of absorption spectroscopy of gases. He was the first to correctly measure the relative infrared absorptive powers of the gases nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, etc. (year 1859).” (Wikipedia)

Thanks to the early work of scientists like Tyndall the base temperature for the atmosphere was established around 1900. This is how we know earth’s atmospheric temperature has risen by 1.4 degrees or more since then. This is the basis for the concept of global warming.

The study of the greenhouse effect was that basis for Exxon’s early work where they discovered aspects of man-made global warming they did not like and the company tried to hide the findings. Things got worse from there. Most major corporations funded to present pro-fracking propaganda. The idea was to deny anthropogenic global warming.

The pro-fracking and chemical network invaded universities and formed groups like ALEC, and the Heartland Institute. They have created an academic vacuum where teachers are hard pressed to teach a comprehensive ACD and Environmental fields of study. They have created a political environment that refuses to acknowledge the dangers the science can predict. The problem of this ignorance extends to education. The majority of peer reviewed work revealing EDCs and other hazards of fracking was created in 2014.

"In the journal Science published on Feb. 12 researchers from Wright State University, Pennsylvania State and National Center for Science Education wrote that only 30% of teachers are making it clear to their students that humans and the burning of fossil fuels is the primary reason for climate change. A staggering 12% of teachers don’t mention man-made causes at all and 31% percent of teachers actually “teach the controversy” and tell their students that there are many scientists who don’t believe that climate change has a human cause."

There are other articles that reveal how little the current academic world knows about Climate Change science:

“Climate Change gets Short Shrift in U.S. Classrooms,” by Stephanie Pappas, Live

“A Startling Number of High School Teachers are Misleading Students on Climate Change,” by Michelle Hackman, Vox Science and Health

Climate Change and Confusion in the Classroom,” by Jennifer Hackett, Scientific American

I see it as a moral duty as a writer and researcher to try and present ACD science as accurately as I can. Each kind of ACD event needs to have a clear explanation. Most people know what a flood is or what a really bad storm is like. Some things in ACD science take some study. I knew in 2012 when I first started writing about ACDs the above statement was true. I have tried to explain things like the Greenhouse Effect, Earthquakes related to fracking, and Critical Contamination. I think this is one way Activists can be more effective, people need to have accurate information.

The Greenhouse Effect:

The greenhouse effect is the process by which solar radiation entering the planet's atmosphere warms the planet's surface to a temperature above what it would be in the absence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In short, greenhouse gases trap heat. This heat is being boosted by man-made activity past that from what is happening with the sun.

The activity of the sun from sunspots and solar flares can cause measurable effects on the earth’s weather by affecting the radiation levels into earth’s magnetosphere. More solar activity can mean more heat and light intensity under the insulating thickening blanket of global gases. There is little doubt there is a systematic effect of solar activity in regard to ACD events.

The gas in the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs about 90 percent of this solar heat and traps it in the troposphere. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases act like an insulator blanket, absorbing infrared radiation preventing it from escaping into outer space. The use of fossil fuels has increased and this pollution has increased the intensity inside the blanket. This extra heat has caused the melting of 40% of the earth’s sea ice.

There is a point of critical contamination where carbon dioxide, becomes an Environmental Toxin that can kill people and makes it impossible for the earth’s carbon sink cleansing process to function. The earth is dangerously close to a tipping point where the process of breaking down atmospheric gases (carbon sink capacity) may no longer happen to an extent needed for survival of certain species.

An excess of methane gas also affects the carbon sink capacity of earth, grasses, and plants. In terms of being greenhouse gas methane is far more destructive than carbon dioxide because it can trap lots more heat. Methane is produced primarily from industry and agriculture and this is a basis for showing the non-linear ACD events and the rise in atmospheric temperature is attributed to mostly human activities.


An earthquake is characterized by the perceptible shaking of the surface of the earth. This happens from the natural strain and stored energy released from movement between tectonic plates below the surface of the earth. The spaces between these tectonic plates are called fault lines. Seismicity refers to seismic activity including the frequency, type, and size of seismic events in a given space and timeline.

The lithosphere is the rigid outermost shell of a planet (the crust and upper mantle) and is broken up into sections called tectonic plates. The Earth's lithosphere is composed of as many as eight major plates, and many minor plates and fault lines. It is the type of activity or direction of movement between plates that determines a type of earthquake as an event. These factors and the magnitude levels can be determined by seismic tracking.

Induced seismicity refers to man-made earthquake activity like that experienced in places like Oklahoma with heavy gas fracking operations. Natural seismic activity and the natural elasticity between tectonic plates have been disrupted from man-made activity. This disruption has caused non-linear earth shaking events traced directly to injecting fracking waste water into disposal wells.

Critical Contamination:

Critical Contamination is when the exposure to a biological, chemical, or radioactive Environmental Toxin causes a definable medical problem.

Multiple tests and studies confirm that gas fracking operations produce many types of dangerous chemicals and of the most dangerous are Endocrine Disruption Chemicals, EDCs. The toxicity level of EDCs is based upon the schema of dioxin (Agent Orange) being the most toxic. There are eight hundred chemicals now suspected to be Endocrine Disrupters and a good number of them have been detected in fracking operations.

Studies by Dr. Susan Nagel confirm that EDC (Endocrine Disruption Chemical) contamination can occur up to ten miles from a fracking site.

EDCs are known to cause breast and prostate cancer, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, thyroid diseases, and diabetes. EDCs are a direct cause of chromosomal damage, infertility, (Mekong Syndrome), asthma, obesity, strokes, heart disease, chloracne, peripheral neuropathy, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Parkinson's diseases. The teratogenic related birth defects from critical EDC or radiation contamination include missing organs, missing bones, extra limbs, enlarged hearts, and various forms of mental retardation. There are other less commonly known conditions from critical contamination from endocrine disrupters.

EDCs are all over our environment in many different forms. Fracking is not the only source of critical contamination from EDCs as they are used all over industry and agriculture. Weed, pest control, and fire retardants are huge contributors to human exposure to EDCs and other ETs.

ACD Timelines, Feedback Loops, Critical Slowing, and Tipping Points:

Every kind of ACD event is aligned to a natural 50 year timeline. This means whatever you do to the environment now is going to take 50 years to come to full fruition. This applies to the micro, macro and social environments.

All ACD events produce some type of feedback loop. This is a natural effect like a fire that gets big enough to produce its own wind. Feedback loops can be seen in the micro, macro, and social environments.

Critical slowing is the effect of a decreasing rate of recovery from small ACD disturbances to an event type or system as it approaches a tipping point. When a system is close to a tipping point, it can take a long time to recover from even a very small disturbance. Critical slowing in some cases can be like a warning sign to an upcoming event.

Tipping Points are that place in the development of a system where no matter what you do recovery to the previous state is not possible. An extinction event is an example of a tipping point. Tipping points can be estimated through the study and tracking of ACD systems.


ACD science is at its beginning and will have to overcome the intentional negligence which it has experienced by the influence of the corporations. Hopefully the field of study will grow and be clarified by those who pursue its mysteries. your social media marketing partner
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