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Wal-Mart – Save Money. Die Sooner.

Written by Bob Maschi   
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 07:57
Wal-Mart – Save Money. Die Sooner.
By Bob Maschi

Wal-Mart claims: “Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.” IBM boasts that its environmental leadership “…ensures the company is vigilant in protecting the environment across all of its operations worldwide.” McDonald’s insists that “We have a responsibility to take meaningful action as environmental stewards.”

Just for fun, check out the website of almost any large corporation. Words like ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’ litter their site like teabags after a right-wing rally. With all these wonderful mega-corporations doing so much for our environment the question begs; why is the planet going to hell so damn fast?

Simple reason. It’s a lot easier to write a claim that you’re protecting the planet than actually doing it. We can bet that these corporations put more money and resources into advertising their environmental creds than they put into actually fixing or protecting anything – other than their own profits.

While this façade of pro-environmental action infests our television commercials, internet sites and billboards, Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plants continues to melt down and poison the Pacific, fracking pollutes our drinking water supply, fossil fuels wreak havoc on the air we try to breathe and environmental catastrophes caused by oil spills dot the globe like blackheads.

No amount of consumer recycling can put a dent in the damage being done by the way we do business. Recycling cans, going solar and driving electric are all noble things to pursue. But, big picture, these acts do very little to mitigate the tremendous environmental damage being done to earth by corporations. What we little people do is little more than a placebo to give us all a warm and fuzzy feeling while we ingest radiation, carbon, insecticides and a plethora of other poisons in ever-increasing amounts.

There are only two choices here. Sit back and watch with sad eyes as our only planet continues to plummet into lifelessness or to wrestle control of the globe’s future away from the greedy, the apathetic, the inept corporations which currently run it all.

Not long ago, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people. It’s time we took that ruling literally for these ‘people’ are murdering our planet. They are criminal. We can show them no more mercy. We must hunt these dastardly corporations down and bludgeon them into oblivion.

It’s their extinction, or ours. your social media marketing partner
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