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An Open Letter To The Koch Brothers

Written by Terry Sneller   
Monday, 19 May 2014 08:13
I’m pretty certain that you will never even hear of this letter, much less read it … or reply. Of course, to some degree, we live in different realms. However, in a broader sense, we share a lot of existence, together. We all must have air, water and food in order to survive at the most basic level. Few will disagree that other ingredients are needed in order to have a more fulfilling life. I’m talking about health, clothes, shelter, security, peace of mind, freedom and love, for example.

For the longest time, the only awareness that I ever had of you two, was when you showed up in the annual Forbes listing of the wealthiest among us. I only really began paying attention to you a few years ago, as I started tracing back money sources for activities that were harming both our country and our world. There wasn’t a lot to find out about either of you. The broad picture was that your father made a lot of money helping Russia set up their oil industry and, besides leaving you both a vast fortune, was a very conservative individual. There seems to be some similarities in our backgrounds, as I’m about the same age as you two and my father was also quite conservative. However, as I grew up and away from my fathers way of thinking, we developed many ongoing and long running disagreements — as my concept of the world evolved, his stagnated. I suspect that while I broke away from my father’s stern role model, the two of you didn’t.

My younger brother, on the other hand, did not stand up to my father as I did. He has grown up to be a conservative and now demonstrates many of the characteristics of a sociopath. He is obsessive in his attempts to gain money, control and power — all the while feigning empathy for others. It is very sad to experience what his destructive actions are doing to our family. It is impossible for me to not compare my brother to the two of you. The most obvious difference is that both of you are being destructive on a massive scale and in the process — largely contributing to the rapid destruction of the majority of life on our planet.

I have been doing some research into the nature of sociopaths/psychopaths and discovered some alarming facts. They are, and historically have been, only about 1% of our population. Yet their obsessive nature has kept them in positions of power at critical points in history for as long as there have been records kept. The general population’s concept of a sociopath/psychopath is likely to be that of a maniacal monster of a human wielding a knife and taking particular glee in cutting out the heart of anyone they desire. However, very few ever think of these people in three-piece suits who are in control of Wall Street, or political positions of power, or in the military, or the leader of a religious organization … or billionaire heads of a massive corporation. Instead, too many of us are either living in ignorance or denial of what these damaged individuals have been, and are currently doing, to us.

So, Charles and David, I’m not enough of an expert to properly diagnose you as being sociopathic or psychopathic. However, I have no doubt about what I, and a growing number of people, can obviously discern from your corporate actions that your management behavior is definitely confirmation of that status. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this mental disorder. But the reason that I’m attempting to communicate this to both of you is to see if I can somehow appeal to your sense of pride, historical legacy, egos or even some form of love for the younger members of your own family — who are certainly going to have to deal with the long term destruction that your actions have induced into the world.

Harry Reid and a new book about you by Daniel Schulman, are rapidly bringing both of you to the attention of a growing number of our curious population. I’d like to think that both of you will somehow find this little email, read it and take it to heart. I’d like to think that something inside of you could be motivated to take some action and reverse your current course. I’d like to think that somehow you are still able to penetrate the veil of people around you who possibly keep proven science from your decision making processes. I’d like to think of the two of you as guiding lights to a better future — instead of being heavily responsible for the dark cloud that is rapidly descending on all of mankind.


Terry Sneller

Green Shadow Cabinet
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