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Friday, 18 October 2013 01:39
The Saturday, October 12th, 2013 march across the Golden Gate Bridge against Killer Corporation Monsanto was a 2-1/2 mile roundtrip crossing at San Francisco's harbor entrance in concert with March Against Monsanto processions around the globe. From Adelaide, Australia to Winnipeg, Canada, an estimated 400 to 500 cities in 52 to 57 countries on six continents participated. Visitors from Tokyo to Munich who routinely arrive on the bridge were a representative sample of cities participating in the event.

This march was a reprise of the May 25, 2013 mass protest against Monsanto and its Roundup Ready product that contains carcinogenic Glyphosate intruded against our will into our own and our children's DNA through food grown from its genetically modified seeds. These GMO seeds are rapidly displacing natural seeds from farmers' fields.

I interviewed people along the span waving cleverly crafted signs, wearing fantastical garb (which can be viewed on the accompanying video with the same headline.)

A man wore a T-Shirt and cradled a pillow bearing the marker message: “Monsanto Is In Bed with the U.S. Government.”

Signs bobbed past over grinning, determined faces.

“Old Monsanto had a Farm! G-M-GMO.”

“If you're not outraged or mad, you're not paying attention.”

“Friends Don't Let Friends Eat GMOs.”

A very bare-midriffed slender beauty's placard read suggestively, “Expose Monsanto! Save The Bees!”

A man balanced a yellow sponge beehive on his head.

A young girl posed with two genetically modified, terribly disfigured Corn monsters. ”

A Fraggle glided by stuffed in a woman's backpack. Was she suggesting spliced genes could transmogrify an infant into that pop-eyed, tassel-earred little varmint?

At the bridge entrance tourist area, people costumed as bees held a Die-In. About 25 yellow and black bodies fell, and rolled on the ground --- then sprang back to life and filed onto the bridge.

This mini-drama photo-op highlighted the walk's theme: 'Saving The Bees.'

Since Monsanto began spraying Roundup, bees have been dying in droves. If bees --- the main organism pollinating plants --- are subject to mass extinction, the food system collapses, and we starve.

The multicolored, vibrant cortege joined the world's convulsing indignation against a corporation one marcher described as a “chemical company masquerading as a food company.” The manufacturer of DDT and Agent Orange now produces seeds?!

Another told me on video, “I have a personal belief that pesticides, and our entire pesticide industry, is a cover for nerve gas production.” The implication being that ingredient stockpiles could be held in secret while the United States openly dismantles mustard gas stores.

A woman reported she learned on Berkeley, California's KPFA radio that, “Monsanto has done research to control the weather. So, they can create seeds resistant not only to their pesticides but to drought and other stresses. Then, they can make those stressors happen so people have to buy their seeds.”

A singer named Faith Oracle announced she planned to go into Monsanto's factories with scientists and government officials. “Monsanto! We want to look inside.”

Alex 'A.J.' Gunn talked of traveling to India and confronting the reality of 250,000 Indian farmers forced into debt by Monsanto's GMO seed production. Because India's laws forgive family debts when people kill themselves, thousands of farmers have committed protest suicides by drinking toxic Roundup.

After the march, the great Indian seed activist, Vandana Shiva, greeted the multitude on video, verifying that the number of Indian suicides between 1995, when Monsanto entered the seed market, and 2012, has jumped to 284,000.

She suggested that, through the Marches Against Monsanto, humans protect fundamental freedoms “to choose how we live, what we eat, and what we become” – “(After all, we are what we eat.)”

These choices, she said, --- “have become the center stage of the contest between freedom of the people and freedom of corporations like Monsanto. But, Monsanto's freedom means Democracy's destroyed.”

In her eyes, the fight against Monsanto is nothing less than a battle to save world Democracy. your social media marketing partner
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