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writing for godot

Even the choir needs a kick in the rear.

Written by Sierra Salin   
Friday, 22 March 2013 02:14
Someone suggested "be patient," to my last verbiagal meanderant.

Be Patient?
We ARE the patient.

Personally, I prefer shopping around for and supporting a worthy doctor, to do the operating, such as

Dr King , (I have a Dream)

Dr Gandhi, (Power of the universe)

and Dr Lennon (Imagine)

Be patient? While Drs Politic, Drs Corruption, Dr Monsanto, Dr Endless Wars, Dr Fracking, Dr Nuke, Dr $$$ and Dr Profiteer are all holding court? Squeezing all life into lifeless wastelands of Homeland Insecurity?

Be patient you say, while the Natural world is assaulted with every purchase we dispose of? Be patient while the fire is raging?

Ignore the folks behind the curtain, at all's peril, and,
it's just us,
behind the curtain, saying,
be patient.

It is not the folks at the "top" which "worry" my concern, as much as all the rest of us, enabling the top, Be patient. This too will pass..... you will pass, your children and friends will pass. All life, WILL pass. Pass the gas... and, get off, the Pot?

Oh, and who cares or even knows of the latest news from Fukushima? We are extremely sorry... Perhaps "they" will get the cooling restored within 3 more days? Oops? What, our consumer lives are just more important than ensuring a livable or healthy future? We are extremely sorry..... Dangling by a thread, and nobody acts.... How sad, or just rewards for being patient, out for lunch, and asleep on our watch?

We are the patients, being doctored to by The Politicians, which jabber so well, the lobbyists, with money money in their vain, and the corporations, doctoring everything; Nature, the "Books," Science, the Rules and Policy. Trust us, Be patient, they say....

We seem to be asleep, and allowing all sorts of less than ideal "stuff" continuing, flourishing in our names, and with our $, and with everythings futures impinged, as we drive along, being patient, being patients. Asleep.

Talking heads, blah, blah, blah, and we are ALL fool of "it."

How and why DO we accept endless wars, the Nukes- toxic, and to be contained for a MILLION years (Ha Ha, and sure bub,) Fracking, or the mindless altercating of life/GMO's, as "nuthin we can do about it?" Why, why, WHY? What a crock of .... and lazy abdication of any duty to any future worth living in.

Do we have rocks in our being, or what? With every waking $, with every purchase, with every every, we have the power to create and recreate. Mostly, we recreate, movies of wars, commercials of buy products, be young, take Viagra, Ritalin, Prosac, and Ginkgo, twice a day. Everything is fine. Just fine?

Wherever 2 or more are gathered? What, have a potluck? Start an exclusive club, of "us," and obliterate all others as "them?" I've read somewheres a few times, don't go back to sleep, don't go back to sleeeep. Rumi, perhaps. Are we even awake?

Sure, when the " " are coming for you, be patient, and while the corporateers and profits are grinding the commons of Nature to lifeless dust, be patient, after all, we have eternity to get it right? Be patient, as the "Churches" and pomposities of Bureaucratic quackmires profess LOVE, while turning stony cheeks, and passing the gas... Professing in all the masters, saints, and Prophets, names, while coveting the profits.... Control and order. Appearances are more important, than substance, and what WOULD Jesus, or other "masters" of the ages, say or do? Be Patient? Or would they be overturning the tables, offering their lives, in service, and putting their being on the line, rather than waiting, being patient.

I say, time to grab the buckets folks. The "fires" are raging. The recent blackout and cooling loss at Fukushima, was caused by....

a widdie biddie mousie.
Yes, we can ensure safety from Nuclear waste, Nuclear "Accidents, " and Radiation for 10,000's of years???? Trust Us, and, be patient?

Oh, not to worry old news, be patient? Oops?
Where are we?

Kick each other in the behind, and get our goings, fired.. It ain't the folks at the top keeping the whirled whirled..... It is us, the patients. Droning on, bombs, is there any, away, or is it all just "us?" Other cheeks, turned, blowin to bits, in the wind and leaving, what, Remains? We pass the gas, fill the tank, drive on buy, into oblivion. Anything, for a buck....

There is a time to have patience, a time to be a patient, and there is this time, our time, our watch. Look around, and try and tell me we are doing our best? Have patience, as Nature, the source of all life is destroyed and toxified, before our very mauling malls. Perhaps, just perhaps, $$$ money, and profit, are not real wealth, or security? Perthaps, just perhaps, all the air blowing around the professors at the top, is just passing gas, which should no longer be ignored? Time to change the die-t?

No, we are out to lunch, on vacation, enjoying the fruits of Natures rape, while the drones band on. At least, for the moment. Be patient you say? Don"t rock the gravy boat?

Why wait? We frogs in the hot tub, feel the water getting warmer.
Patient's, patiently impatient, on the dinner table.
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