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writing for godot

Ending global warming and starvation forever

Written by Charles Duemler   
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 03:25
We need to concentrate on 5 fronts. Get rid of the droughts, reduce tornado's, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the Earth's temperature and reduce the oceans ph level.
If taken to the full extent following my plans will not only end global warming(heat/cool the earth/ocean/agricultural areas), end starvation forever, replenish the ice packs where needed, eliminate hurricanes from hitting land, drain the clouds, raise the viewpoint of the USA around the world, get rid of the need for while dealing a blow to the taliban and other terrorists groups, increase everyone's quality of life, but pay for itself and be a highly profitable operation. I'd stake my life on it.
Some of what we need to do in addition to my plan would be the NASA Omega project, plant forests of seaweed underwater and do plankton blooming in the wakes of storms and where wanted.
Hurricane Maker
The main structure is a hurricane structure. The main use is to cool the planet ending global warming. Secondary uses would be to heat the planet, eliminate droughts, clean the atmosphere, clean the garbage islands in the ocean, provide an ideal site for heat intensive industry including steel manufacturing and more. The finishing touches on the first structure along with additional structures will probably be built using a steel manufacturing plant inside the structure. Not to mention that you'll basically have small cities floating out in the ocean that you can use as a base of operations for scientific, disaster relief or other purposes.
Keep in mind that I’m not considering generating the power to create a hurricane, I’m just manipulating the bottom of the eye wall. The sun still provides the power by heating the water in the hurricane and having heated the water on the surface of the ocean just like in nature.
Think of a 20 mile diameter hula hoop held together like a cable stay bridge. It has an internal waterway with water going at high speeds pressing against the outer wall that's held in place by the cables, thus the constant 80' waves just relieve the pressure on the cables holding the outer wall.
It has fountain structures on top used to create/control/capture and dissipate hurricanes. Move the structure to the middle of a tropical system coming off of Africa. Shoot the water out of the fountains in the same direction the hurricanes winds would go because of the coriolis effect. As the structure nears the center an eye wall will start up above the structure. If an eye wall has already started in the middle of the storm it will expand wrapping the eye wall around the structure then condense to being right above the structure.
Depending on how high fountain towers are, how hot it is in the middle and how fast you shoot the water through the fountains you'll be able to change the course of where the hurricane wants to go by 10-30mph. Though I'm not stating that we should build one though it is possible, you can have a fountain structure 2,000 feet up shooting water out at 200mph and move the structure at 100mph. You'd get an eye wall continuously forming around the structure but outrun the storm, though one would quickly form up around the structure when it stopped.
Move this storm to the middle of the doldrums and park it.
One structure parked in the doldrums for a full year would produce way too many clouds and cool the planet and the ocean.
Now take an intake pipe 200- 1,000 feet down where the water is < 40-50 degrees and use it to shoot out of the fountains away from the structure. The surface of the ocean will have cooled because of the hurricane. If the surface temperature is below 70 degrees another hurricane will not form and you can move the structure away right off. If the ocean surface temperature is above 80 degrees you'll want to keep the structure in the middle of the now tropical storm for one or two days for it to dissipate. Been promoting this idea for 10 years now and do not know why it hasn't been stolen. One could easily place an intake pipe 2,000 feet down off Florida where the ocean temperature is 40 degrees around. Have that pipe go around Florida all the way to Texas. Anytime a hurricane would come close to land set off fountains of cold water 20 miles off the coast. This should stop hurricanes from hitting land also.
To heat the earth and ocean just capture and dissipate hurricanes over the open ocean. Less clouds so less ray's from the sun being reflected into space and the earth is heated.
Move the structure to the polar front upwind of Antarctica, Iceland or Greenland. This will cause their ice-packs to increase.

Flood control example of how to do it if money were no object in California.
Once or twice a year depending on the farmers park the hurricane structure upwind of California 200 miles off the coast. Salt gets lifted up with the convection cycle and water droplets will stick to the salt. The closer you are to the eye wall the more salt content in the rain and by 200 miles out it is practically fresh.
My “tornado killer” structure should work. If not it'll be more difficult. Basically it's a huge vacuum cleaner that sucks up the ice and/or water from the clouds and sends it down a giant straw to the ground. Fans will blow the moisture in the clouds up to where it freezes and falls into a funnel leading to the straw. Multiple forks in the straw lead to multiple funnels. With such a structure you can suck the ice and much of the moisture off the top of clouds ½ mile wide. You can place additional structures side by side to vacuum up all that you want of the clouds coming ashore.
The bottom of the straws could be placed above train cars to be filled with ice, rivers, warehouses or in this case a curved pipe that sends the ice into a waterway at 60-100mph.
My “Tornado Killer” will be used to thin out clouds so that they do not produce tornado's. I'd give it a 50/50 chance of either stopping a tornado or being being destroyed, this not being an intended use. Needs to be used with care because it will be used to fill up dams and such while the clouds are above them causing less rain downwind from the dam, countries will do this in their battle for fresh water.
My Man Made Fresh Water Waterway
My man made fresh water waterway used to capture excess water from storms will also transport people and cargo up and down the coast and inland, carry water to and from reservoirs and provide water for drinking and irrigation.
Think of a super sized log ride with boats the size of ferry boats. Allows for people and cargo to be loaded in Los Angeles and travel anywhere in California. This could relieve the freeways in California of much congestion and ware. The waterways could attach to other waterways to go over or through mountains and such or just use railroads or trucks as we do now.
There would be a reservoir up north by Oregon and one down by Mexico. During times of frost water would be barged down from the Mexican reservoir and during times of extreme heat water would be barged down from the Oregon reservoir where needed.
The surface of the waterway that touches the water would be made as smooth as possible to minimize friction. There's a spray on material that is smoother than glass that could be used. Power plants would divert unused energy to speeding up the water as well as reclaiming the energy later during peak energy demand causing the water to slow down. This process would be similar to how they manage over energy production and adding it back during peek usage in Los Angeles with water.
The waterway would be moving at between 50 and 150mph depending on what the population wants, elevation changes and energy transfer.
Generating a Hurricane
Move the structure to the middle of a low pressure zone, the middle of a forming tropical depression, in the doldrums, the polar front or just about any area with low winds above.
To start a new system will take a few days. You can heat the water up on the inside first using lava vents off Hawaii or housing factories such as steel or melting the junk in the garbage piles in the middle of the ocean and making benches out of it. Shoot that heated up water back inside of the hurricane structure using the fountain structures which will heat the water up another 10-20 degrees from the pumping and shooting of the water. This is going to create a low pressure area along with a 20 mile diameter area of hot mist. The sun will beat down on the area of hot mist which has no choice but to rise up starting a convection cycle. Once you got a convection cycle going shoot the water out in the same direction that the winds go in a hurricane at over 100 mph. You'll technically then have a man made hurricane with the eye wall centered over the fountain structures. The eye wall is going to want to move along a natural course. Depending on how fast you shoot the water out, how hot the water is and how tall the fountain structures are you can then change the course 10-30mph in any direction.
Capturing a hurricane or taking control of one just takes turning on the fountains and driving the structure to the middle of the system. An eye wall will naturally form over the structure as it heads to the middle of the system, any existing winds or eyes will split and then wrap around the structure who's winds created by the fountains will not alter and create this effect.
Just one structure to generate a hurricane placed in the doldrums could create more than enough cloud cover to reflect enough rays from the sun to counter the rays trapped in the earth's atmosphere by greenhouse gasses thus ending global warming.
However more than one should be built and used upwind of drought areas to have it rain down on that area eliminating the drought. Using flood control systems to then capture the excess flood waters for drinking and agriculture. More complicated systems would create man made fresh water waterways used to transport people and cargo up and down the coast at speeds over 100mph, connect to other waterways at higher latitudes and over mountains, have multiple reservoirs for cold/hot water used to prevent excess heating/frost damage to agriculture, store excess energy from power plants (speed up the water in the waterway) to be used later anywhere along the route of the waterway.
More on the “Tornado Killer”
Next needed structure would be the “tornado killer”. At the top of thunder clouds raindrops turn to ice and fall downwards when they become to heavy for the updrafts. Take high powered fans attached to a blimp below the ice level in the clouds, have them shoot the water drops upwards at a high rate aimed so the hail produced gets sucked into a huge funnel with the help of an attached fan. All of this is attached to the blimp which controls the individual heights and placements of the fans and funnel for maximum proficiency. The bottom of the funnel can lead into a reservoir, to warehouses for cold storage, fill a line of empty train cargo cars or empty 18 wheeler cargo trailers, empty fields, rivers or to a fresh water man made waterway. The waterway would require a curved bottom piece that would rest on the waterway shooting the ice out at over 60mph in the direction that the water travels in the waterway. Not only should this produce ice but it should be able to do the same with clouds not high enough to produce hail thus producing water and still thinning the clouds out. If you know where the clouds are going to be dense enough to cause tornado's you can use this to thin the clouds out so they do not produce tornado's.
Cooling the Arctic
I would have to ask how bad you want to stop the methane coming out. These methods are extreme, aren't being talked about, should work, have extreme side effects, would replenish the ice pack, thicken the glaciers and lower sea level. I have my doubts about the benefits of the methods outweighing the bad side effects along with the benefits to some of a low area arctic ice pack. The benefits of a low arctic sea ice would be minerals, oil/gas and more ocean life. If the rest of my plan is done you could get away with a low arctic sea ice while reducing ocean ph level, ending global warming and ending starvation.
It might take a few years to build my hurricane structure. To stop the methane coming out now I can convert my hurricane structure to work in a bay or just on any coastline using just the fountain structures mounted on solid land with a few of the mounts probably on the bottom of a body of water. Set these structures up around the world close to the polar front and you'll stop the sun's rays from hitting the arctic causing it to re-freeze.
Having a hurricane structure in the middle of the ocean along the polar front would produce less side effects while cooling down the arctic. If the earth was covered in clouds the whole earth would freeze. I would guess that less than a 20% increase in cloud cover over the arctic would supply enough of a cooling effect.
The second method is slowing or stopping the flow of water from the pacific ocean to the arctic ocean by damning up the Bering strait. A Russian proposed the idea of controlling the ocean current sending more warm water through the strait many years ago so I'm not totally alone in coming up with ideas to control ocean flow.
A third method would be to use other SRM technologies that are ready to go now while building my hurricane structures. These all have their problems including increase in drought so should be used with great care.
There's another cloud development method done with ships that shoot water up in the atmosphere not relying on a convection cycle. I've asked about the cost effectiveness of doing this because it would seem to me to be way more expensive a method to generate cloud cover but the company didn't respond to me. Never the less it should be looked into as an additional tool.
If you like an ice free arctic for the resources I'd have to recommend considering that you should let it ice up a bit and then after we get the infrastructure in place, then lets go for an ice free arctic.
To replenish the glaciers just place a hurricane structure upwind of said glacier. This will aid in cooling the earth, ocean and the glacier as well. Just placing the hurricane structure where the clouds produced block the sun's rays from hitting a glacier or the ocean would cool it down and help.
Reducing Greenhouse Gasses
Reducing greenhouse gasses and carbon sequestration should be done. Until it is shown that we can do it on a mass level in a reasonable time period without destroying the economy we should put more money into R&D instead of deployment.
Effects on the war on terror
One of the reasons of overpopulation is that people in poor countries have children in the hopes that one of them will be successful and provide for them in their later years. Only a few of these poor can make it leaving the rest of the people with no food or clean water. Since there is no help from their religious leaders or their government they rely on terrorist groups. Heard of one group taking over control of an apartment complex, housing people and feeding them, charging them rent and taking their first born to be trained and used as a human bomb.
In combating the war on terror we can use techniques to feed and house everyone. One method would be to charge people for their food and housing in an account that need not be ever paid back but if they get a job a 5-20% deduction in pay would be taken out to pay off the account. In this way the poor would pay back for the help they receive and the use of the dollar would increase. The poor would stop relying on the terrorists to feed them and cut off their recruiting method. Doing this would provide jobs and stimulate the economy.
The poor having their housing and food provided for would still try to improve their lives just as the rich born with all the advantages work to improve themselves. True there are exceptions.
Being no homeless or starving there would be nobody for the Taliban to prey upon by feeding and housing them before forcing them to work there lives in servitude to pay for it and taking their first born to be brainwashed, used as a human bomb or become one of their military.
Fix the ocean acidification problem
Reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere to 350ppm is the long term solution. Until then and possibly after for the benefits to ocean life we need to do plankton blooming. Not only do we need to put iron in the ocean in the right amount of the right size chunks but we need to put the right kind of plankton we want to bloom. Research needs to be done on this and implemented asap.
Expand coral reefs and surround them with forests of seaweed. Seaweed works just like forests in sucking up the carbon while reducing the ph levels.
Ending Starvation Forever, making profit and getting to the moral high ground
Declare war on starvation. Tell the world “you're either with us or you're against us!”. This shall help promote a positive image of the USA, increase our presence around the world and increase our currency usage. It would cost under $100 billion and pay for the whole project.
The next step for humanity some say is to travel into space. The first thing to do is to set up a base on the moon where a combination of robots and humans will start a mining operation. In the first cavern have a forge and steel manufacturing setup where people and robots can work to build more robots. The people would work on making the operation fully automated. When ready the process is duplicated on Mars.
In other caverns there will be resorts, living area's, storage, agricultural area's, lakes and rivers that run through many caverns. There will be beef from cows grown in 1/10th the gravity but otherwise raised just like the “kobe” beef cows. There will be salmon and other great food along with wheat and rice. Basically after this project is started in space it's only a matter of time until all the minerals and agriculture that are wanted, not needed mind you but wanted, will be available having been mined or produced in space. Controlling this will be most profitable.
This is not to mention that people will not only go on vacation to the moon and mars but go there on a one way trip to live the rest of their lives in a low gravity environment, it has many advantages. There will be many huge circular living and working area's that rotate providing however much additional gravity the user wants.
Back in 1990 we had a chance at reducing carbon emissions by doing what Cuba did. Everyone rides bikes, gets fit and “global warming” would've come eventually anyways being a natural cycle. The world chose not to go that route and with the methane coming out now we cannot rely on simply reducing emissions anymore. Just print up one of those trillion dollar coins and give it to me, c'mon, the world will thank you! :)
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