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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 10:59

This article will hopefully explain the complex war that has been going on for decades- the energy industry war.
For many people the links between energy, war and business are obvious- the oil industry is a monstrosity of an industry, with the major oil companies generating tens of billions of dollars profit each year. The oil industry, the business of supplying energy and big players who invest in oil/energy supplies do not want to let go of their monopoly of the energy market. Alternative energy projects funded by the American Government are strongly contested by politicians and businesspeople, and we are losing the chance to create millions of jobs in the alternative energy market.

We have to face the facts- the human population is at 7 billion, and with superpowers like India and China demanding more coal and oil, the opportunity for alternative energy creation and expansion should be a main focus. But the oil industry is not a compromising industry. No oil company wants to lose 10 or 20 percent business profits to alternative energy supplies, and over the last 5 years the oil industry business circle has swamped the media and the internet with pro-oil industry talk.
The climate change deniers suddenly appeared in their millions, totally ignoring scientific evidence of changes to our planet Earth. Some of the climate change data has proven to be wrong- but the majority of what is being said by the climate experts are saying is true and can be proven. A classic climate denier belief is that the sun's solar activity mostly causes climate change, which is only one piece of the puzzle which explains how the Earth's intricate weather systems are affected. The truth is that scientfic measurements of Polar ice thickness, or ocean levels- or any climate data can be argued over, which is what we saw in 2009 and 2010. The climate argument is something to avoid, because although we are aware of the possible outcome of tragic cliamte change events, as ordinary citizens we can do very little but try to recover from natural disasters and to prepare for those disasters better from experience.

But this article is not purely focusing on climate change data or climate change deniers, but a reminder for those who are a bit lost in the argument, because the argument should not be about ice levels at this point in time. We should be more focused on the monopoly that the oil industry has, and how the wars that are waged in the Middle East seem to achieve little in the way of peace, but have mostly been to the benefit of the foreign major oil companies. The proven fact that oil supplies are fast dwindling does not worry people because the media controls the narrative, and the narrative on all major networks is war, economics and human rights.
In reality the World could have built up an alternative energy market which would also include electric cars and cities which utilize energy generated from a combination of oil/biofuel/solar energy. One of the first big towns to do this is Woking, in Surrey, England, and electricity generated for Woking from their alternative power plant is supplied to tens of thousands of people. Most other major cities around the World primarily use oil-powered electric generators.

So the oil industry has us wrapped around their middle finger. The war planners of the Iraq War and experts in the study of natural oil deposits worked together to locate Iraq's biggest oil fields, and U.S soldiers and contractors from foreign oil industries initially secured those oil fields and pipelines to ensure the flow of oil and to stop sabotage from Iraqi or Al-Qaeda resistance. The oil fields were secured and later 'leased' out to foreign companies in production sharing agreements, which typically last for 20 to 30 years. Climate change was not a concern of Iraq's war planners, and alternative energy was equally not a concern. The attack on climate science is believed to come from the oil industry business-circle. The oil company lobbyists made sure that their business was secured and strengthened from the oil wars, and the recent climate discussion was promptly squashed by the climate deniers, who are speculated to have been paid by the oil industries and big investment companies to attack the climate change issue- because the climate change issue brings back the debate on alternative energy supplies, which the oil industry does not want us to be concerned about...

Why should we be told by an oil company or a climate change denier that we can't have the ability to choose which type of energy supply to power our cities? Surely the ordinary person who pays taxes and votes for their choice of Government should also have the choice of electricity from multi-combo energy. We get to choose from 50 different television channels, 100 radio channels, 50 types of breakfast cereals...but we still cannot get alternative energy to our towns and cities because the oil industry supplies our cities with energy at a relatively low cost, and it would require a huge investment to really change the way our biggest consuming towns and cities are getting electricity. We all have the right to demand and receive alternative energy supplies, and perhaps if the human race was a bit more focused and educated, we wouldn't be arguing about the climate change data, nor economics or WMD's- we should be focused on creating millions of jobs in the new alternative energy sectors. The oil industry will have to be harnessed and tamed to achieve a more balanced market for energy supplies that we rightfully should be able to choose- and perhaps in the process, the oil industry will not have such a close relationship with the war industry if we can reduce the amount of oil that we currently burn away on a daily basis.

Back in the 1980's the electric car industry was looking to be a strong contender against petrol-powered cars. The electric car industry was prevented from becoming popular- it was buried because it was seen as too competitive and could have taken the business and profit away from the oil industry and petrol-vehicle industry.
Perhaps you are familiar with much of the information contained withing this article so far, so some facts on the climate are below to help you understand some of the known problems with pollution and climate change.

Climate change is caused by many factors, such as industry, human use of toxic products and automotive pollution, which combined with natural weather patterns can generate catastrophic weather events. By 2050 the world population will have increased to nearly 10 billion,a 40% rise, and pollution may rise in line with that ,with current lack of commitment by Governments to implement or enforce solutions to control our impact on the world.
Governments are finally realising that communities must reduce pollution,and that industries reduce production of toxic products that contain lead or zinc, especially in poisonous plastics and aerosol cans. American and Chinese industry produce about 50% of the world's total pollution.

The infamous 'El Nino' weather pattern shifts warm water from the west to east of the equator,and El Nino has occured more often since 1980 than previous records show, which has triggered massive floods in recent years. El Nino is associated with warm water weather events, and another weather phenomena called El Nina is associated with cold water wether events, which has been the dominant factor of weather events in 2007/2008.

In May to September of 2007/2008, parts of Britain had the most amounts of rain,floods and high winds ever recorded, and London's flood barriers were just one inch away from being breached. Floods in the last few years have hit China, South American and European countries and many other islands, killing tens of thousands of people, destroying villages, towns, farmland and coastal areas used for fishing by some native communities like in Alaska for instance, where a hundred villages have had to move inland because of rising sea levels flooding those areas. Floods have ruined lush farmland and crops, which has forced up prices of grains and crops by 70%. The poorest people in the world have been most affected, facing starvation, floods, destroyed villages and homes. Climate change and temperature rise has caused ice at the Antarctic to crack, with huge glaciers tens of miles long breaking off and melting.

Rainforests provide 50% oxygen to our world, and are the carbon pollution filtration system for our planet. Rainforests across South America are being chopped down on a massive scale, to make way for soya plantations, cattle grazing and biofuel crops. Increases of temperature worldwide means the release of carbons and toxins like methane into the air, such as Siberian lakes in permafrost which contain massive amounts of methane. Ice at the north Pole draws in warm water currents from the equator, but if little ice is left, the warm water currents would cease to travel to the north pole- and the oxygen supply to the oceans would stop. It happened 200 million years ago, killing much of life in the seas, and in return gases released from stagnant seas poisoned the air, killing 95% of all life on land.

By the year 2050, the world's population could increase to just under 10 billion people. Currently 7 Billion people is a lot for the world to cope with, and resources required to support 10 billion people will be hard to find if the oil industry purely has the monopoly of energy supplies. Time will tell how serious the energy supply and costs will be to us all. It is doubtful that within 40 years we will see the oil industry lose the grip on energy supplies, and that should be of a concern to people today. is a channel dedicated to climate change issues, with plenty of scientific evidence, reports and documentaries into the effects of climate change, the tragic destruction of life and habitat that climate change is causing.
Whether you accept human activity accelerates or amplifies climate change, or if you think it's all a natural process, the fact remains that villages, towns, coastlines, wildlife habitat and the air that we breathe are all being greatly affected by climate change. With all our human capabilites, alternative energy should be available in the 21st Century, yet we are still light-years away from taming the oil industry and having the choice of alternative energy supplies. We are indeed in the middle of energy industry wars...

Russell S. Wyllie of and http://Youtube/RealClimateNews your social media marketing partner
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