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Bee Colony Collapse, Hiding from Danger

Written by Richard Kane   
Thursday, 19 April 2012 05:59
Bees began disappearing with ever increasing numbers. Alarm was in the air. But after one dangerous pesticide was banned no public alarm that Bee Hive Collapse Syndrome decreased. but didn't go away. Anyone remember when discarded soda cans on hot steamy days had bees flying around them? But there hasn't been drastic suggestions like banning corn syrup even though farmers stopped feeding it to bees. Bees are unique, with time they get more not less sensitive to pesticides. A sightly ill bee whether from pesticide or pathogens won't return to the hive avoiding spreading whatever is sickening them. Bees born sick leave the hive as soon as they are able. If sick bees start returning, the hive would be more susceptible to epidemics.
Rather then go further, I think I have to discuss disaster management in general. Sometimes it goes well like response to tornado alerts, sometimes it is sluggish with hurricanes as with Katrina. Katrina woke us up but despite the disaster in Japan we don't hear renewed alarms about Yellowstone National Park and the Old Faithful Geyser becoming an active volcano. The eruption is scheduled to be by far the biggest in human history, the next big one. Unlike with the sinking of the Titanic, “the Year Without a Summer”is a talk-show tidbit. People around the world not fearing the starvation that occurred that year. Check out PBS “SuperVocano”, [sometimes when I have trouble clicking a link I can often Google it],
Sometimes when the danger increases the fear actually goes down. Just how dangerous trying to create a Micro Black Hole with the Large Hadron Collider is subject to dispute. In 2008,when it started, many were alarmed. Since then new dangers were suggested such as potentiality deadly Strangelets and Deadly Extra-Dimensional and Time-Warps The energy level has been increased several times. The most active critic of Black Hole research is Prof. Otto Rossler, who is not a fear-monger in other research, such as, he is very hopeful, not fearful, of creating intelligent robots,
Back to the bees. The habits we form in dealing with danger could be as important as is the danger itself. In 2001 Mexico complained that genetically modified corn in the US which was only used as animal feed had cross-pollinated with Mexican corn due to the wind,
There is the issue of genetic material transferring between species. Besides corn, wheat, rice and any other plant not pollinated by bees or in some other way helped by an insect would have a great advantage over unarmed plants. These “terminators” crowding the rest of the species out,
I hope I am not changing the subject too much. Caffeine is a natural insecticide. But it is good, not bad, for bees, and can be sprayed on crops,

Whether or not there is more than the smallest possibility of something going very wrong with the Large Hadron Research, letting the scientists decide is dangerous. The most popular theory is that there is something we never observed called Hawkins Radiation that causes Micro Black Holes to leak energy. Scientists overwhelmingly agree that if there are natural Micro Black Holes, they travel through the stars at the speed of light as if the stars were glass balls like nucleons, gamma rays, and cosmic rays do, but with cosmic rays it is like the glass is slightly cloudy.
Many physicists think that Micro Black Holes either travel at the speed of light or if they get trapped in the center of a stellar object. they remain all but inert for far longer than that star or planet exists.
However, a collider could be producing a constant line of Micro-Black-Holes going in the opposite direction as the energy beams collide, two lines or holes exiting the collision in the LHC at Collider speed, slightly less than the speed of light, then passing right through the sun might be iffy. Though they could also speed up to the speed of light. When one drops a glass, some pieces could end up much further than the glass fell. In part, the sparks flying off in a crash site, even an ordinary auto crash, could be pictured as little bits of the wreckage. Anyway it would only slow down the research a little to keep any possible holes out of the direction of the sun.
If Micro Black Holes are stationary and close to inert it doesn't mean that a Collider is necessarily safe. It could be producing millions of undetected Micro Holes all drifting together at the center of the earth.
If only producing a few it might be like vacuum cleaners in cement mixer with nozzles as small as a hole at a tip of a needle grabbing on to Styrofoam then being thrown off before grabbing much. But what if the cement mixer slowed down to like a clock handle moving in a circle every 12 hours the tiny nozzle would stick to a Styrofoam, until the ball was consumed. I wonder if there actually isn't a minimum size a hole could shrink and thus dark matter is actually Micro Black Holes far smaller than a atom and dark energy what the tiny nozzle at the at tip of what the Styrofoam ball sucked off before being knocked off the ball. The problem is similar to that of a tornado that gets real small, Dust Devils usually don't last very long. Buildings make counter eddies breaking up a tornado. And when close to the size of a molecule all molecules would be like tall buildings. The only way around this would be the Micro Black Hole at that point to be shrinking very fast.
If a Micro Black Hole is next to any electron or nucleus that electron is likely to have little tensile strength only gravity to pull at it like any other material. The hole's immense gravity only at the holes exact center but lessening an electron's charge a little which will make any molecule unstable with violent shifts in direction as if the hole was riding a bucking bronco, except for a Helium atom where the ride would be smooth especially liquid Helium at very close to absolute zero the tiny gravity of a small object would be enough to be glued to it, then after that gets consumed go on to the next Helium atom, and if the liquid cooling coil in the Large Hadron Collider is perpendicular despite gravity on the center of the earth pulling the hole it would jump upward to the next Helium atom. There have been experiments to get matter within a millionth of a degree of absolute zero. It is possible that if Helium was used its internal gravity would cause it to freeze and stop vibrating, which could be dangerous. Of course the electrons are sill spinning, so freezing Helium enough for gravity to take over isn't likely. Which doesn't mean at some point this kind of research couldn't approach becoming dangerous. I hope the world gets together to at least remove any perpendicular cooling coils in the LHC and ban any attempts to totally freeze Helium until it could be tried on another planet.
Anyway its good to try to conceptionalize not just throw formulas around. I liked to play around with numbes before I went on to other things. There is the fable of a king who was so happy with the success that he felt his astrologer gave him that he offered his servant a reward, who seemingly humbly asked for a grain of wheat (rice in the earliest versions of the story) doubled for each square of a chess board. I was young enough to just add with the help of graph paper. Today we have the penny project so we can pretend a grain of wheat equals eight pennies and compare eight Quadrillion grains with a cube next to Mt Everest,
When it comes to a micro-hole growing into consuming the earth. Let's pretend that almost alt he multipliers occurred before a hole is put on the first square of a chess board or a tic tack mint in weight might be a lead ball solidly covering the entire orbit of the earth around the sun. a hole with at first endless gravity at its center but no more than any other matter just a molecule away.
Perhaps eventually new bees will be introduced frequently where humans otherwise don't go but the nagging feeling that something still might go wrong could last for centuries. Just like for centuries people may wonder if they have millions of years before the earth is destroyed or just a few hours, from a Micro Black Hole acting like a land mine at the center of the earth.
We have actually made great strides in the direction of safety, People used to cheer getting to the North and then the South Pole first despite must of those racing dying along the way. If someone wanted to burn their field or their old house to build a new one it once was their property and no ones business except there own. Considering how far we have already become in concern with safety, we just might make it.
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