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What is an act essay mean?

Written by Freddy_kuney   
Tuesday, 25 February 2020 19:40

What is an act essay mean?

American College Test was started in 1959 as a parallel test and competing with Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). An optional writing test was added to the SAT in 2005.  ACT writing test is a thirty minute test and can be taken only with the ACT test. For get an excellent act essay, order it from Only some colleges ask for the writing test, and the applicants can check from the colleges they are applying for, whether they require writing test scores or not. ACT writing test is designed to evaluate the students knowledge and writing skills gained in the high school.

Understanding ACT Writing Test

For the writing test students are required to write an essay popularly known as ACT essay. For the writing test an essay prompt is given and it will define an issue and gives descriptions of two view points on the issue. Examinees are required to answer to the question on the issue taking side with one viewpoint or a point of view different from the two points of view given in the prompt. Before writing essay every student need already written essays for sale as example. Students have to write the essay with pencil on the lined paper provided at the test. Practicing on old ACT papers can help students be well prepared.

The Type of the ACT Essay Prompts

The prompts for the ACT essay are on social issues that are relevant to high school students. The students are expected to adopt one of the viewpoints given in the prompt and respond to the question asked. Students are given the option to adopt a totally different viewpoint also. The second paragraph of the essay prompt is same for all the prompts and provides instructions. After writing essay, you get a lot of free time to get a job. If you want to get a job of your dream, get an essay from paragraph of the prompt describes the topic in two view points and presents the question requiring the student respond with their perspective on the issue. The response expected by the ACT essay prompt is an argumentative essay.

Careful Preparation for the Test is the Key to top Scores

If the students have done their college assignments well and learned the school curriculum and prepare themselves for the exam well it is not difficult to get top scores. The preparation should include:

Getting familiar with the test procedure and type of essay prompts for ACT Essay.

Read sample ACT essays. Even sample SAT Essays can be useful.

As your essay is expected to be an argumentative essay, study and practice writing a couple of argumentative essays.

Study various tips on essay writing given by the teachers and available in essay resource books etc. and apply them to your writing.

Where to get Help in preparing for the ACT writing Test

The best preparation for the ACT test and the writing test is following the school work diligently throughout the school years. Anyway if the students need any further help due to some reason or other, they can get help in preparing for the ACT writing test they can get sample ACT essays written by well experienced writers from a good essay writing company. your social media marketing partner
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