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writing for godot


Written by William M Erlbaum   
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 22:25


There are really three of me, the DREAMER, the REMEMBERER, and the PLAYWRIGHT.

All of them are me, myself, and I.

But is that really so?

Asleep, and by night, as the DREAMER, I experience the interior world constructed from imagery recalled or subliminally recalled from my past.

Awake, and by day, as the REMEMBERER, I experience the exterior world of people, objects, and events.

As the REMEMBERER, I remember the DREAMER and the dream of last night.

As the DREAMER, I recognized the REMEMBERER from my past, as myself.

But as the DREAMER, I had no memory of ever having met any PLAYWRIGHT, the conjurer who had to have written the dream, selected the props, and set the stage.

Nor as the REMEMBERER, do I have any memory of ever having met the PLAYWRIGHT who had to have written the dream, selected the props, and set the stage.

Who was this mysterious PLAYWRIGHT?

As the DREAMER, the writer of the dream was invisible to me, lacking corporeality.

The writer had to have worked silently, making no sound at all.

The writer could not have been me, because I have no memory of creating the dream.

In the dream, I never saw or heard the writer.

The writer could not have been me.

I know that I did not and do not have the skills required to compose that dream, select those props, and set that stage.

But who else could the writer have been but me?

My secret self?

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