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Cheer Obama but Oppose his Tax Extension Deal

Written by Richard Kane   
Thursday, 09 December 2010 11:55
A good mediator finds common ground. Resources aren’t wasted or destroyed while fighting over which side is right. However, if someone goes to a mediator they consider a friend, and every time the mediator asks for a compromise his friend says ‘yes’, while the opposition starts off with a ‘no’, common ground then keeps shifting to the right.

Of Obama voters (who are also public figures) only Michael Moore seems to keep saying “no” while at the same supporting Obama as the best person for the job that is at all available. Others who continue to support Obama think they are supposed to be obedient servants. An intense example is Greg Jones’ blog. He tirelessly supports Obama’s every word,

Obama thinks he is “Mediator in Chief” not “Commander in Chief”. In this new role Obama carved out for himself, I agree with those who claim he has accomplished some great things.

I agree with Greg Jones that it was incredibly good news that Obama won over McCain and that Obama stopped [i.e. or delayed] a great depression. His spirit of getting together kept the nations from immediately economically fighting with each other which spun the 30's depression out of control.

It's wonderful that his spirit of compromise allowed Senator Luger to be more successful at recruiting other Republicans to support the START Treaty. He wouldn’t have been effective at doing so had not Obama called for domestic compromise. He put foreign policy first and is advocate tax relief for the rich to achieve it.

However, it is bad news that he campaigned in the midterm election that we would solve our problems instead of promising to stop things from getting rapidly worse, and it's bad if Obama succeeds at continuing tax cuts for the rich, while Republicans dream of cutting Social Security to pay for the tax cuts.

Let's stop betraying Obama by listening to him.

I say, don't condemn him, cheer him, just don't listen. Husbands, Wives, Children and Parents often don't do what is asked. Those who can defy, without condemning, get along better. Those who are absolutely totally obedient creates awkward situations for their partner and/or their parents.

When it comes to the war “Getting out” is not as easy as setting a date.

By the way al Qaeda has great plans. Google al Qaeda declares war on France than vice versa. Then substitute Hamas, Hezbollah Iran, etc.

If Obama leaves Afghanistan in a hurry al Qaeda can get more prestige and more war which it thrive on, by attacking the withdrawing US troops.

Maybe the best way out is to make it clear ahead of time that al Qaeda wants us to stay. Maybe . Obama should announce that he will get out as soon as the opinion polls around the world agree bin Laden wants us to stay.

I have a lot more to say but all I'll say when it comes to the war, I have a hard time blaming Obama for the trap the rest of us Americans also fall for. Most imagine that execution is punishment not reward for a suicide-bomber, which I think isn’t true unless he or she changes their mind and wants to live before the execution date. They also don’t mind turning in or even killing a few of their friends themselves in-order-to gain confidence with the Americans like the double agent who blew up several top CIA analysts. Or the Afghan soldier who killed 7 US solders after gaining trust in successfully fighting the Taliban. It’s hard to get out, when bin Laden wants us there, to inadvertently inspire people into joining al Qaeda. Getting out without enhancing al Qaeda’s image as superman is treating business. I don’t think it proves Obama doesn’t want to.

Please everyone join me in finding ways to praise Obama not listen to him. Perhaps he can move up in the world to be the next Secretary-General of the UN.

A side note, conservative causes often get results though going in multiple directions. Even those liberal opponents who oppose the compromise and are disgusted with Obama need to spread around the viewpoints of those who oppose the tax extension, yet still like Obama. The more Democrats continue to eye the Republicans as the problem while stop believing that Obama has a magic fix, the more we can start creating solutions for our problems.

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