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High Plains Karma

Written by Robert Sommers   
Thursday, 23 May 2013 14:50

Dear Senators Coburn and Inhofe;

As much as we would like to help the great state of Oklahoma after the recent tragedy, we are sorry but we just can't do it this time. And you will eventually thank us for it. You see, to continue to give you money would only foster a dangerous "culture of dependency" and nobody, least of all yourselves, would want that.

After all, Texas and Oklahoma are consistently among the top states to receive disaster funding and yet their representatives consistently vote to deny FEMA funding. We don't want to be enablers and you will feel much better about yourselves as you pull yourselves up by your own Oklahoma sized bootstraps.

Those pussies in the northeast had the audacity to include planning for future disasters and studies on the effects of global warming on weather in their request and you sure showed them. Your square jawed, high plains grit and determination to "go it alone"will be a model for the rest of the super entitled nation.

You folks and 34 other GOP senators voted against Sandy relief and helping those bums back east living in those "minority type" neighborhoods.

In 2011 Senator Coburn, you filed Amendment #610 to offset $7 billion in FEMA funding. One would hope that you now show the same perspicacity and grit in finding programs that benefit your home state to now cut.

You voted again in 2011 against funding FEMA after it ran out of money, because, in your words, funding FEMA would have been “unconscionable. Your partner Inhofe skipped that vote altogether. The bill passed, luckily by a 61 to 38 party line vote.

Senator Inhofe proposed getting rid of grants for storm shelters and replacing them with tax breaks. Here's what you said in your speech:

"I can tell more stories about Moore, OK, when we had our 1999 tornado where everything was devastated on one side of the street and nothing was touched on the other side of the street.
It is an art to understanding where these are coming from. We now have developed that art. There is not a person who could be in the path of a tornado who doesn't have the facilities and the resources to see what is out there and where it is coming."

You both thought that Sandy relief was "wasteful spending." This is your press release, Senator Coburn. And here is an article regarding the stances of some of your fellow hypocrites.

The recent events in your state are truly horrible and we all genuinely mourn the loss of life. It is sad that now is the time that your fellow americans must administer this lesson in tough love. Your constituents deserve better. But then again, they did vote you into office in the first place.


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