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1 The Unbelievable Cost of Ignoring Abused Children miket
2 Harvey Weinstein and a Case of Mass Hysteria Mark John Maguire
3 What happened with the Bundys? Bob Maschi
4 Woe Unto All Those Who Continue To Believe The Official Conspiracy Theory(ies) John S. Browne
5 Memorializing the Memorializing of the [sic(k)] Horrors of War with 10 So-called 'Must-See' War Films John S. Browne
6 The Truth Sets Us Free John S. Browne
7 With What Is Coming Out Now, the 9/11 Truthers Are Proven Right John S. Browne
8 No Presidential Candidate Is Our Savior Any More Than Obama Was John S. Browne
9 TPP; Japan; ‘The Submission’ to The Supreme Court of Canada paves the way for Expanding & Improving the basis of the Yamada led ‘Sword & Shield’ Counter attack Suit against the Japanese gov’t, et al. David E.H. Smith
10 Self-Determination and Self-Governance John S. Browne
11 Umpqua is Jose Martinez
12 China’s NEXEN & Grassroots Native Canadians Find Certainty thru Methodical & Publically Open Canadian Courts; No need for Secret ‘Treaty’ Tribunal David E.H. Smith
13 Musings from an old lady Andrea
14 Houston, We Have a Problem Jose Martinez
15 Western Corporate-Fascist Terrorism and Globalization are Seeking to Subjugate and Enslave the Entire World John S. Browne
16 Dangerous Minds--Your Thoughts are not Your Own! Case in point: Kalief Browder Mimi
17 Why Does Racism Persist? Robert W. Fuller
18 Here Are Who the Real Criminals and Terrorists Are John S. Browne
19 U.S. Human Rights Violators and War Criminals Honored in Today's Insane Reality John S. Browne
20 Liquid Plutonium destined for your kid's cereal, courtesy of NAFTA/TPP/ISDS? Jeanine Molloff
21 Introducing the Now Fascist (Dis)United States of Amerika John S. Browne
22 Justice Denied, Above the Law: Netanyahu, and Other Heads of State Dr. Roger Kotila
23 Restore Our Legitimate, Truly Constitutional Government John S. Browne
24 Kingpins Of The Towering Decadent World Russell S.Wyllie
25 2 choke hold deaths, decades apart Robert J Gaydos
26 Time For Reconsideration Patricia Gray
27 Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria's fantastic success story, with an ironic twist Richard Kane
28 Ferguson: Moving On CD Sutton II
29 Smashing Victory for Hate, Election Season 2014 Richard Kane
30 My Journey into Homelessness by Way of ObamaCare and Khosrow Sadeghian Mickey Grant
31 Th Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) Letter; to Sue, or Be Sued?; Suing the Global Corporate Economy David E.H. Smith
32 US Could Have a Heroic not Selfish Role in the Ebola Fight Richard Kane
33 Gaza Genocide And Arab Fratricide Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
34 There Is Too Big to Fail and There Are Important People Who Never Go to Jail Richard Kane
35 Racism and Growing Inequality is Rampant as Donald Sterling Gets Canned Richard Kane
36 Let's All "Occupy" White Male Privilege! Barbara Todish
37 Imagine When What We Want to OWN Are the Emotions That We Feel! Barbara Todish
38 A Huge Witch-Hunt not just One Civil Rights Nominee Squashed Richard Kane
39 Punishing crime Walter Hecht
40 A Modest Proposal robert
41 Has Seriousness Replaced Laughter? Barbara Todish
42 Is The Family the Origin of All Law? Barbara Todish
43 Nelson Mandela's Truth Commission, Inspiring History, Fresh Insight for the US Richard Kane
44 The Path and the Tao of Public Service Eric Z. Lucas
45 Benghazi is an Albatross Around Hilary's Neck Richard Kane
46 Commentary on Balance Ron Bracale
47 We've become a nation of us versus them Robert J Gaydos
48 The System Almost Worked with Trayvon Martin Richard Kane
49 The Mind of B37, Guilt and Acquittal Leslie Radford
50 White Truth and Shame Leslie Radford
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