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writing for godot

Student Loans: the Next (Intellectual) Property Scam Because Higher Education IS Equivalent to Banksters!

Sunday, 01 January 2012 22:20
Higher education is, and has been for some time, a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) conspiracy! We need a federal investigation because student loan monies constitute a repeat of what the mortgage crisis was and still is. Instead of having real property mortgages, students were and are being manipulated into going into student loan slavery debt for the false intellectual "property" of a worthless college degree!

Before all of law is seen for what it truly is, namely F-LAW, (the 1% Wizard/esse(s) of Oz, behind a curtain of F-LAW), let's use the F-LAW! Let's demand a federal investigation into student loans. Even those of us who learned a skill, medical, dental, nursing, engineering, etc., were and still are bullied into mindless, negative sheeple performance of that skill so that instead of doing the doctoring, the nursing, the engineering, etc., the doctoring, etc., does us!

It is accepted among academics, though spoken in secret due to fear of reprisals, and academic mobbing, that higher education only cares about students for the student loan money they can get. Student loan money is what drives all of higher education. Student loans are paying for high school "redux", and higher education is quickly becoming less than even that.

There is zero critical thinking going on, and teaching to the test, assessment, etc., is double mind speak for indoctrinate the student to conform, accept authority, consume, especially consume higher education and make student loans, and learn to speak in academic jargon so you are unable to even understand yourself! (Shades of "They Live!" the so called "subversive" classic film that came close to being banned and still is hard to see anywhere in it's entirety!) Of course those that deny this will shout their defensive objections, and just their defensiveness proves the point, namely that there is mis to dis education in lieu of an authentic education that enables us to think for ourselves.

Those of us, yours truly included, that were taught that there was a possibility for meaningful, even beyond utopian permanent revolutionary change utopian, were defrauded, so let's get these universities and colleges to be seen for the agents of banksters, and agents of the 1%(NWO-military-government-industrial-corporation-institution-family-croney) racketeer influenced corrupt organization-dynasty that they are! Let's investigate their stolen profits from student loans! Let's start the final ball rolling that will undo, unmask what higher education is, once and for all!

Then once we use the F-LAW and investigate and get a federal indictment, we can then go about the process needed to begin the real work of revealing that all property is an illusion, that all property, intellectual and "real" is just an arrogant construct, that deceives us into believing that we control or have anything to control, because we all, even the 1%, are being controlled! Even the 1% have the illusion that they have their own selves, and that they own themselves! Why even the 1% think they own their land, their property, their power, but their land, their property, even their power owns them!

Proudhon, in "What is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and Government" said: "Property is robbery!" We all belong to the land instead of the other way around, and believing otherwise is delusion. All other forms of "ownership" even ownership of our personalities derive from the this delusion that we even have an essential identity of we-ness, and/or i-ness. Instead of any agency at all, we, at best have a kind of practice agency, an agency possibility. We may only have intentions for living instead of intention and agency for life itself!

Only when we risk to be spontaneously subliminal do we even approach having agency and intention, all else is a limited performance of the drama and ego that is the illusion of agency and intention! So join in the process of beginning to reveal the F-LAW that is our higher education by showing support for a federal RICO investigation, etc.,

Note Bene: has been notified through Professor Andrew Ross, NYU Law School, of this potential federal investigation, and there is interest in covering this by a NY TIMES Education Editor when/if there is a federal investigation, etc., into higher education.

By Barbara Todish, Founder,, ww, (scroll down to Humanity 101-103 "Listen to Barbara Todish here" your social media marketing partner
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