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writing for godot


Written by Steppen-Wolf   
Sunday, 11 April 2021 03:35

The Meaning of True Love Versus False Love
(For Anna)
Written by Steppen-Wolf
Human and Civil Rights Advocate
Written in 1996
[Copyright (c) 1996 in the U.S. and
Internationally by S. Wolf Britain.
All rights are reserved.]

"Falling in love" with someone and truly loving them
Are two different things.
One is love, the other isn't love at all.
"Falling" is a negative occurrence
And being "in love" is a fallen experience.

When "looking for love" with someone,
Don't look for physical beauty or attractiveness
But look for inward beauty,
For someone who truly loves you
Without a self-centered personality.

Beware of malevolent souls who are full of hate
That their outward beauty hides,
People who live in their own unreal world
With very little insight into what is really going on in the world
And little or no selflessness or benevolence at all.

Most people are dependent on, and infatuated with,
Others' when they meet them, but they expect you to live
How they believe you should live.
They are not giving people, and they will give no quarter
To your world if it doesn't completely jive with theirs.

These unhappy souls will quickly tire of you,
Bounce their hate off of you,
Making you at least temporarily as hateful as they,
Until they dump you in the dust
And treat you with scorn and contempt.

Look out for these people who do not build you up,
Encourage you, or help you to grow.
They only tear you down, and make you hate yourself,
Hate them as well, and express that hate
Until they drive you away, or you drive them away, or both.

Find a truly loving soul who makes you feel better about yourself,
While making you better able to give them what they need
In a mutually giving, loving fest of respect for each other,
Putting each other first before yourselves
And find real love for one another always.

This is the meaning of true love. your social media marketing partner
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