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writing for godot


Written by Steppen-Wolf   
Sunday, 29 November 2020 20:08

How "We, the People" are being manipulated into acquiescing to the steadily encroaching militarized police state that will be expanded by Biden as it has continuously been expanded by every U.S. president going back decades.

Written by S. Wolf Britain
Human Rights and Civil Liberties Advocate
Written on 30 November 2020
[Copyright (c) 2020 in the U.S.A. and
Internationally by S. Wolf Britain.  
All rights are reserved.]

The powers-that-be let Trump do a lot of the more "ugly" dirty work transforming the U.S. into a fascist militarized police state, taking the attention off themselves, and allowing him to take the fall for it.  I think that's the only reason they let him in to the CIA-and-military-controlled office of the U.S. presidency, never intending to let him have more than four years.  Now, like they did with Obama, they're "putting lipstick on the pig", or putting a "pretty face" on the continuing transformation into a fascist militarized police state, by way of Biden; after, first, the "wrecking ball" of George W. Bush; then, second, the "wrecking ball" of Obama; and then, third, the "wrecking ball" of Trump.  And so the process continues apace until they let the next "wrecking ball", Biden, do their further dirtier dirty work (sic), putting the final nails in the coffin of the U.S. constitutional republic.

Now, from the Bush years, we have the Orwellian, dystopian, draconian, "double-speak-titled" U.S.A. "P.A.T.R.I.O.T." Act, with its clause, "perceived threatening conduct", among other unconstitutional things (which of course, and very conveniently, aren't being found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court), a clause that will be, and is already being, used against Americans who fulfill their duties to stand up against this madness, saying they're guilty of "perceived threatening conduct".

Think about what this clause really means.  "Perceived".  Almost anything can be claimed to be perceived threatening conduct; protesting, contacting federal agencies and their employees to try and get them to stop illegal activity that it is part of their job to do (like the illegal activity of apartment managers who are violating the law and the rights of tenants, etc.), standing up against the rudeness of federal employees and/or their false accusations (such as U.S. Postal workers), and on and on.

This is the unconstitutional insanity of the "Patriot" Act; as well as it being titled as if all those who don't bow down to it, supposedly aren't patriots, and/or patriotic, and only those who do submit to and accept it, without question, are allegedly "patriots", and "patriotic", and the only ones who "truly" love this country, while all those who don't bow down to it without question, supposedly aren't patriots, and allegedly don't love this country.  See how it works?

The powers-that-be are step-by-step, systematically bringing in these anti-constitutional-republic, anti-liberty-and-freedom, anti-human-and-civil-rights laws, locking the country and its people down increasingly, right in front of our faces, but so we don't notice it, pay attention to it, or fulfill our duties to do anything about it.  They are overthrowing the republic with these "anti-everything-truly-right" laws, preparing to come after more and more Americans, the minority who do recognize what's really going on and try to do their duty to stand up against it, for being "threats to the state", "terrorists", "unprivileged enemy belligerents" (the latter being one of the phrases for us that they've already been using against Americans for almost twenty years, since 9/11), and so on.  Remember, they hate us for our freedom(s).

That latter clause, "unprivileged enemy belligerents", is actually a play on the Geneva Conventions, thus using same against non-combatants and regular citizens, using it to come after Americans increasingly, simply for exercising our rights and duties to dissent, making all dissent a threat to the state, falsely "illegal", and using it to deny us our human rights and civil liberties, or human and civil rights.  That's what the word, "unprivileged" means, that they can, "legally", deny us our rights because we allegedly aren't privileged to have any rights (only those who completely bow down to, and don't question, the state, are supposedly privileged to have any rights).  This is the level of the madness that has taken over our beloved country.  But rights are rights, NOT privileges!

Do you see how dangerous this all is?  And it's already codified into U.S. law, into those anti-liberty-and-freedom, unconstitutional laws that were passed right under our noses, like the "Patriot" Act, the Military Commissions Acts of 2006 and 2009, and the John Warner National Defense (really Aggression) Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007, etc., by the vast majority of BOTH Republicans and Democrats, without much of a murmur of dissent, or at least any dissent that did any good.  Now we have these extremely-threatening laws hanging over our heads.  But, unlike not long after 9/11 when these threats to liberty and freedom were being cemented into place (not at all likely to ever be overturned as they should be), we hardly, if at all, hear anything about it anymore.

Most have forgotten, if they even heard, about the protests against it at the time.  And now when someone like myself brings it up as I'm doing here, they think I'm a "conspiracy theorist" (instead of the NOTHING BUT "conspiracy FACTUALIST" that I am), and/or a "raving lunatic", etc.  But all of these things are FACTS, and NONE OF THEM are conspiracy theories.  This is the draconian madness we are under right now in the U.S. of A., that is only going to be used against us more and more, used to lock down the country increasingly, used to make all dissent(ers) disappear (assassinated, imprisoned and/or executed, allegedly without rights), and used to turn the U.S., the West and the world into a complete global government enslavement state, insidiously, slowly but surely, one step at a time.

It is the duty of ALL Americans to stand up against this madness.  So, where are all of you True Americans?  Why are there so few non-cowards who are standing up against it?  Why have we let these matters go almost completely silent?  Why aren't we all "shouting from the rooftops" against this insanity, and seeking for it to be overturned?  Why have most Americans allowed themselves to be mentally castrated, to have their liberties and freedoms turned against them, and allowed themselves to sit back and do little or nothing about it?

Where are the True Patriots, the True Americans, who should be in the majority, but who are only a small minority relatively speaking, and stridently dissenting against it non-stop?  These are all rhetorical questions, people.  I already know why things are the way they are, but I'm trying to get you to truly think, and to fulfill your duties to stand up against it; and, if you ever really stood up against it before, to stop allowing yourself to fall back asleep, to stop allowing yourself to cease being vigilant, and to stop allowing yourself to fail to stand up against all of these things that are still, quite-threateningly, hanging over our heads, and the heads of all Americans and world citizens, who are ALL under dire threat because of it.

So, contrary to common "Democrat(ic)" public opinion, President Biden isn't going to alter this status quo; but, as a war-hawk, he is going to  continue the trend of the presidency, going back many presidencies, to expand this dire state of affairs, all of which is an extreme threat to our constitutional republic.  Biden, like his boss Obama before him, is a CIA-groomed "Manchurian candidate" who will expand the "Global War OF Terror(ism)", and increasingly bring it home to roost in order to use it, not only abroad, but also against the American people, in the no longer "land of the 'free', and the home of the 'brave'", that should now be known as "the land of the (slaves), and the home of the (cowards)".

"Get up!  Stand up!  Stand up for your rights!"  (Bob Marley.)  And save our country, the U.S., and the world from the criminal, warmongering, liberty-and-freedom-destroying, anti-American, globalist, corporate-fascist traitors to our country and world, like Biden.


About the author:  Wolf Britain is a human and civil rights advocate of many years. your social media marketing partner
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