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writing for godot

More than justice for Breanna

Written by Citizen Mike   
Wednesday, 23 September 2020 14:50

This issue is bigger than this one single case, but this case will drive attention to the real main issue through the federal courts. Federal charges of violation of the victim's civil rights will come next. The formation and use of this defective warrant, and the entire concept of no-knock warrant service using a military team and method, rather than the methods of civil police, will now come under the scrutiny of the federal courts. This will be a drawn-out process. But the precedents to be established will be far-reaching. The methods of an army breaching an enemy stronghold are geared toward killing whoever is inside. This is not the correct orientation for civil police, whose primary tasks are investigation and arrest. The militarization of civil police and their adoption of military hardware has produced this aberration that must be corrected nationwide. Dealing with crime is not like waging war, and the police attitude must be returned to its origins. The public, the population, is not an enemy. your social media marketing partner
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