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Woe Unto All Those Who Continue To Believe The Official Conspiracy Theory(ies)

Written by John S. Browne   
Wednesday, 15 June 2016 16:16
Feedback concerning John W. Whitehead's Commentary, "Violence Begets Violence: The Orlando Shootings and the War on Terror", as propagated by Dr. Whitehead and the Rutherford Institute, at:

Man, I truly dislike having to constructively criticize another of your commentaries, Dr. Whitehead (J.D.), but it cannot be avoided because the truth must prevail [or, at least, I have to fulfill my duty(ies) to seek for it to do so, anyway].

You are so right-on, John, and have so much right, but then you do things like make it very clear that you still swallow and believe a lot of the official 9-11 story, aka the official conspiracy theory. Osama bin Laden (OBL) had little or nothing to do with 9-11, or his involvement was as an asset of "al CIAduh(!)" and a patsy to take the blame for it, and yet you still swallow the lie(s) that he and his fellow-Muslim-fallguys were the only perpetrators of same, which is a primary tenet of the official conspiracy theory. The U.S. government immediately blamed 9-11 on OBL, right after 9-11, without any evidence that he carried it out, and without providing ANY evidence of same to the American people of said involvement. In addition, OBL vehemently denied involvement, and all of the so-called audio and video recordings where he allegedly "admitted" involvement have all been proven to have been complete fabrications and/or fakes. And, add to that that at least ten of the "nineteen hijackers" have been found to still be alive.

I and millions of other Americans have known all of this, and much more of the real truth about 9-11, for many years now; so, there is absolutely no excuse(s) for your continuing to hold onto the lies of the official conspiracy theory and fairy tale.

You know that the FBI foments terrorist plots and creates "terrorists" to assassinate, execute, "catch", "prosecute", "convict" and imprison for allegedly "perpetrating" them, using patsies, informants and people to goad the former into "perpetrating" perceived "terrorist" actions, but you believe the official conspiracy theory that the patsy Tsarnaev brothers were "responsible" for the Boston Marathon bombing, when video is available clearly showing marathon government-contractor security personnel guarding at least one of the backpack bombs, and conveniently getting away from it just before it blew.

In truth, the Tsarnaev brothers, the Times Square "bomber" and the Fort Hood "shooter" were all government patsies setup in order to have "terrorists" to blame the attacks on, and to deflect blame away from the U.S. government's involvement and responsibility for carrying out ALL of these "false-flag" terrorist attacks in order to overturn more of our civil liberties and increasingly lockdown the U.S. and the other Western countries like in George Orwell's '1984', turning the dystopian, draconian society depicted therein into reality today in the U.S. and the rest of the West.

I'll bet you also believe the official conspiracy theory for what allegedly happened concerning the 7-7-2005 London bombing(s), even though video is available showing the poor patsy kids who allegedly "carried it out" entering the train station laughing and smiling, without a care in the world, and certainly without any fear of dying if they indeed had been the actual perpetrators; and even though there is strong evidence that the bombs which caused the deadly damage were attached to the underside of the train car[riage(s)] and blew upwards, not downwards as would have had to be the case if the backpack "bombs" were the cause, which would, obviously have blown downwards at least to some extent.

It is further clear that the kid who didn't get on the train, and who was sitting atop the double-decker bus, was having serious misgivings, and beginning to wonder if he and his friends were being setup and used as patsies, leading to his not boarding the train as intended; and, as a result, further leading to his opening, or attempting to open, the backpack to ascertain what was inside it, leading to its exploding.

What most likely happened in the lead-up to the 7-7 bombing(s), was that these quite- Westernized and British kids were approached by the true perpetrators, factions of the British government, to "help their country", England or the United Kingdom, and told that with their agreement to take part, they would allegedly "only" be involved in a "terrorism 'exercise'" and/or "simulated attack", and these youngsters decided that they really wanted to "help out". They also were undoubtedly offered some form of compensation for their involvement, which even more led to their agreeing to take part. As a result, they were doomed to their deaths, and used to blame the attack(s) on, by the government agents, and/or private contractors employed by the government, who exploited them; in other words, the real terrorists.

Now, getting back to 9-11, there is so much evidence that there had to be U.S. government and other involvement in perpetrating same that the evidence for it is overwhelming. Yet, part of the entire plot was making certain, quite successfully as was planned, that the vast majority of the American populace, if not the majority of the world's population, came to believe in the immediately-disseminated official story or conspiracy theory (one of the largest, most outrageous conspiracy theories ever foisted on the world), and continued to believe it to this day, so that most Americans and others would never question it, so they would never suspect the U.S. and other Western government involvement that actually took place, and keep falsely believing that the official patsy, Osama bin Laden, was the "perpetrator".

So, all of this leads to the unmistakable conclusion that, though you, John Whitehead, claim to have come completely come out it, you have not, in-truth, been completely extricated from "the 'matrix' of lies", and that you are still very much a part of "the 'matrix'", as most "Amerikans" are. your social media marketing partner
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