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Memorializing the Memorializing of the [sic(k)] Horrors of War with 10 So-called 'Must-See' War Films

Written by John S. Browne   
Thursday, 02 June 2016 15:34
Response to the Commentary, "Memorializing the Horrors of War with 10 'Must-See' War Films", by Dr. John W. Whitehead (J.D.) of the Rutherford Institute, at:

Dr. Whitehead: I post almost all of your commentaries to my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages, and forward them to at least one person, but I cannot in good conscience post this latest commentary of yours at all. While downtalking war and making clear its horrors, it also glorifies war through the promotion of the ten war movies that you venerate.

You may have "gotten" the "anti-war" message "depicted" in those films, but most "Amerikans" don't, didn't and won't "get" that message; but will, instead, be subliminally influenced to believe in and support war. This is made abundantly clear by the level to which most of them not only support it, but get almost, if not actually, violent in response to anti-war promoters, to critics of the U.S. government and military, to anti-war protestors, to conscientious objectors and whistleblowers, and to any and all truthtelling/tellers about the true horrors of war and other truth(s).

These "Amerikans" only "get" the at least inadvertent, if not actual, pro-war propaganda acclimating them to accept and support war, especially where the U.S. government and military are concerned; for, from their dumbed-down, brainwashed point of view, if the U.S. government and military are carrying out war(s), then those military conflicts must be "right", and no questioning of that "rightness" is tolerated, either in themselves or others. And all those who speak the truth about war are met with derision, at minimum, and outright hatred, in most situations.

Most "Amerikans" spend all or most of their time talking about "nothing", and do not want to hear ANY truth about anything. I know this from constant personal experience. I tend to speak up consistently about one real truth or another out in public, and I am at least met with consternation for even having the temerity to breach such topics, and often rationalizations of, if not vehement responses to, such subject matter. They don't "get", for instance, that "OdronaCON/FRAUD" and his administration are murderers, in carrying out both "the supreme international (AND U.S.) crime", wars of aggression, and in pursuing the targeted drone assassination program; and if I dare to speak this truth, I am met with something to the effect of, "How dare (I) say such a thing about 'our president'!"; or it is at least "left hanging there in the air", left unspoken but obvious.

And, as we get closer and closer to the very end of this world as it exists now, and to the relatively-soon return of Jesus the Christ, most people are so being taken over by evil more and more, that these people seek to destroy me in one way or another for speaking such truth(s) [to get me evicted from my government-subsidized apartment complex where I live as a fully physically disabled person, by starting false rumors about me seeking to get me harmed in one way or another, and so on]. So, these increasingly-evil people don't want to hear the truth about war, or about anything for that matter, but only want to discuss virtually meaningless, mundane topics; or, at most, repeat the false government and mainstream media propaganda and blindly support the U.S. government and military's wars of aggression and mass-murder. And there is no reasoning with most of these people unless you're willing to endanger yourself.

I'm certainly NOT saying that we shouldn't try. I constantly put myself in harms way seeking to wake people up and get them to come completely out of "the 'matrix'", the mass-insanity and the fantasy world that they are completely immersed in. But trying to wake them up with combinations of pro-war propaganda and "anti-war" messages interweaved therein, is NOT the way to wake them up. Look at the fact that the vast majority of them don't "get" the anti-"matrix" message flaunted in our faces by Satan and his "al CIAduh(!)" minions in part one of the Matrix movie trilogy, those evil powers-that-be knowing they can rub our faces in it because most of us won't glean the truth from it. Most "Amerikans" and others are so effectively brainwashed that such truth(s) can be subliminally spread throughout such programs, as it and/or they actually is and/or are, and most of us will go on our "merry" way totally oblivious to, and continuing to not want to know, such truth(s).

This is the true reality that we actually "live" under. "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." That is the unconscious motto of most "Amerikans" and others. And as long as the continuous warfare and mass-carnage is not happening to them, and is not yet happening in their own country(ies), they couldn't care less about who is suffering and dying, and about how many of them are doing so, because "they must deserve it" if the U.S. and global government and military believe it's "necessary" and are carrying it out. "Wipe those 'ragheads' off the face of the earth", or very similar, is their (at least unspoken) mantra; and they glory in the destruction of all those deemed to be "terrorists", including innocent True Americans like myself who are standing up against all of this mass-madness. In fact, when the government comes for the completely innocent, non-violent activists like myself to lock them up, and worse, in or on the way to indefinite imprisonment, and execution in many if not most cases eventually, they will glory in that as well, really believing that all such people "deserve it", and that they only did the right thing(s) in however they were involved in bringing about that and/or those outcome(s).

As I've long been saying, particularly since 9-11, we ain't seen nothin' yet. The horror has in essence only just begun. "Neighbor" turning on, and turning in, neighbor; the "good 'Amerikans', very much like the "good Germans" during Nazi Germany did, will gleefully "go along to get along", and will gladly send their innocent neighbors to torture and death. And you're trying to reason with these people with war-glorifying movies, no matter how much they supposedly portray the truth about war, and promote an "anti-war" message"?! You can't fight and win against evil, with evil. As I said, most of them are not going to "get" the latter message from them anyway. So trying to wake people up to the truth with evil is not in most cases going to work. You truly wake people up to truth with nothing but truth, unadulterated with any evil whatsoever, and not with that which glorifies evil at AT ALL. If they won't be successfully awakened with nothing but truth, they are certainly not going to be truly awakened with a mixture of good and evil. your social media marketing partner
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