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writing for godot

The Truth Sets Us Free

Written by John S. Browne   
Tuesday, 26 April 2016 15:09
It is absolutely amazing how most "Amerikans" think they're "free" while "ponying up" and "bowing down". It's a relatively small percentage of people in the U.S. who suffer from the government's worst repression, so far at least, thus it's (much too) easy for most "Amerikans" to take for granted and presume that those who suffer the repression, "deserve it", "are guilty", "asked for it", etc.; so, until that repression happens to far more of them, they're not going to believe that the U.S. has truly already been turned into a "Nazi-German-like" totalitarian police state. And, even when they do realize that it has been turned into such, if they ever do, most of them have already, according to plan and quite successfully, been turned into cowardly conformists who will simply pony up and bow down more and more, and "not make waves". Actually, most of them already think that's the way they're "supposed to be", and that all those who stand up for liberty and freedom are "wave makers" who all deserve what they get from the government in response, no matter how much the former are non-violent and law-abiding in regards to all laws that are truly constitutional.

The majority of "Amerikans" have been so effectively brainwashed that discussion(s) of liberty and freedom doesn't and/or don't make any sense to them, because they have so efficiently been dumbed-down to the truth(s) concerning vigilantly safeguarding their liberties and freedoms, that they actually believe it's "wrong" to do so. They literally react to all those who speak up for liberty and freedom as being "extremists", "exaggerators", "too serious"---[I had my local bus driver the other day, quite seriously say, "Don't worry, be happy" in response to my saying that the truth sets us free; and, quite sadly, this is now the attitude, or very similar to the attitude(s), of most "Amerikans"]---"troublemakers", "rabble- rousers", "radicals", "pinkos", "commies", "criminals", "terrorists", etc. Just the way the government has designed, wants and has gotten them to "think", right on the insidiously slow but sure schedule of the long-time plan to turn the U.S., the West and the rest of the world into a global totalitarian police state. The globalist corporate-fascists responsible for all of this, have left nothing to chance.

I told that bus driver of mine that I spoke of above, approximately a week before, that very soon I will very likely be falsely accused of something concerning my riding said bus, and not 30-minutes later he falsely accused me of not being a happy person (never mind that I smile and laugh quite often), also in response to my speaking of the truth setting us free. So, when I was riding the bus the following week, I told him that what he accused me of is just plain not true, and that my having been set free by the truth has made me quite happy. The ironic thing is that the mostly typical "Amerikans" like this bus driver who live in deep avoidance and denial of the truth, and are not set free by it, are not truly happy themselves, since no one who isn't set free by the truth can be truly happy. But trying to reason with them and get this across to them is fruitless and sails right over their heads, and they will continue to adamantly defend avoiding and denying the truth, probably right up to the end, since most of them will never face the truth and be set free by it, as that's just how far gone they really are.

And most of the professed-"Christians" are so deceived that they are too far gone as well. Most of them are nothing but counterfeit "Christians". Satan has counterfeited everything of importance in so-called "Christianity", from the day of worship to who gets to go to heaven and who doesn't, about when they go to heaven, and what happens to those who will not be going to heaven. As a result, he's got most professed-"Christians" believing all kinds of lies concerning the real truth about those extremely important topics; and because he's got them living lies, they take for granted that they have a "salvation" that they don't even have (yet anyway?). No one can be saved who is living any lies, for God is Truth; and, if they were Truly, Fully and Completely converted by and to His Truth, He would not let them believe or live ANY lies, particularly about the most important subject matter of His Word(s), the embodiment of nothing but truth through God's Word(s) Himself, Jesus the Christ. They have got to be 100% of Truth, NOW, or they are just as lost as all unbelievers are.

Therefore, all those who believe and live lies are quite thoroughly deceived and evil, no matter how "good" they appear to be, and/or no matter how much they appear to be "good 'Christians'"; and none of those people are anymore going to heaven than those who refuse to believe the Truth are. (Revelation 21:7-8 and 22:11-15---the foregoing verses make it absolutely clear that NO ONE who lives lies is going to heaven.) That is how high God's standard(s) is and/or are. But, through Satan's counterfeiting of all God's most important standards, he has made sure that God's standard(s) has and/or have been lowered into the dirt and muck; and made it much too easy to supposedly get into heaven, such that many if not most evil people will allegedly be "saved" into heaven. Yet, throughout His Word(s), God the Father through Jesus the Christ has upheld His HIGH standard(s), and made it abundantly clear that it is our DUTY to uphold His HIGH standard(s) as well. And that all those who lower God's standard(s), and/or who go along with Satan's lowered version(s) of God's standard(s), will be totally destroyed by God the Father through Jesus the Christ. your social media marketing partner
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