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No Presidential Candidate Is Our Savior Any More Than Obama Was

Written by John S. Browne   
Friday, 26 February 2016 16:40
Too bad that Bernie Sanders is actually FOR the military-industrial complex (MIC). He supported, and still supports, that MIC trillion dollar fighter jet boondoggle. In other words, he's a sellout politician just like all the rest of them. There is no candidate worth getting behind AT ALL. "Hitlery" is an "al CIAduh(!)"-groomed globalist terrorist [selling the U.S., the West and the rest of the world out to global(ization) enslavement] and is completely insane, just as her husband did, was and still is. She will sellout the U.S. just as "Odrona" has done and continues to do. She, her husband and "Odrona" are "second children" of the BushCONS and they're all members of the same "team" and/or groups such as the Bilderberg Group, the Carlyle Group, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, et al., all "Fourth Reich" corporate-fascism groups that are seeking to enslave and mercilessly control everyone and everything, and to continue and expand their mass-murder, throughout the entire world.

Sure, "Hitlery" will make, and is right now making, many fraudulent promises like "Odrona" did, the vast majority of which will NEVER be truly kept and/or fulfilled, just as "Odrona" never kept, and still won't keep right up until the end of his term, the vast majority of his promises. They are all extremely evil consummate liars. My name for that sellout, Sanders, is "'Bernished-Fools-Gold' Sanders". So, recommending that people vote for the likes of him is nothing but continuing the mass-insanity that falling for "Odrona's" candidacy was. And recommending that people vote for "Hitlery" is absolute insanity!

Even if Sander was, by some stroke of extreme "luck", to win the presidency, which he will NEVER be allowed to do because the U.S. presidents are now chosen by, and the elections stolen (on both sides of the aisle) for, the "Bilderbergers", which does not allow ANYONE who is not a globalist sellout to get into the U.S. presidency, he would (have to, at the point of a gun) quickly sellout or face assassination. So, no matter what, "'Burnished-Fools-Gold' Sanders" is NOT going to save us, anymore than "Odrona" did, like you who falsely thought he was going to do.

Besides, "Hitlery" is obviously the choice of the Bilderberg Group this time around, and she will be "placed" into the U.S. presidency to continue the business-as-usual of doing away with the U.S. and the Western countries' national sovereignty and liberty, and bringing them under global enslavement, as well as continuing the endless war(s) OF terrorism and turning those countries and the rest of the world into, that aren't already a part of, totalitarian police state dictatorships, under absolute control and the requirement of complete subjugation, "or else".

In other words, the "1984-izizing" of the U.S. and the entire world; which, in truth, is what socialist, Sanders, wants also. In this draconian, dystopian reality, no one will have ANY True Liberty and Freedom WHATSOEVER, and will all be subjects and slaves of this global hegemony. Sanders talks a good talk, as "Odrona" did, though not in as polished and entrancingly a fashion as the latter did. He says what those who want freedom and liberty want to hear; again, as "Odrona" did though not as proficiently as he did; but he is for totalitarian socialism in the guise of the "utopian" socialism, the latter of which will never be allowed to come to exist (and he darn-well knows it).

Thus, even if a Sanders presidency were allowed, he would continue the "totaliterrorizing" and "totalitarianizing" of the U.S. and the whole world just as designed, and right on schedule. The real terrorists, including all of these globalist "Big Brother" fanatics and corporate-fascism statists, "endless-war-mongers", mass-murderers and global-enslavers, aka "al CIAduh(!)" minions, are now in their endgame of putting the finishing touches on this total subjugation and enslavement of the U.S. and the West, as well as the rest of the world, and they will not be fully satisfied until they have completed it at the behest of ultimate evil. The "1984" "Fourth Reich" is being brought to fruition; and even if any politician(s) truly want(ed) to prevent it from becoming a fait accompli, they would die trying, just as H.G. Well's 1939 book, The New World Order, predicted:

"There will be no day of days... when a new world order comes into being. Step by step and here and there it will arrive, and even as it comes into being it will develop fresh perspectives.... Countless ... people will hate the new world order ... and will die protesting against it." [Id.]

But, nonetheless, we have to protest against all of this madness. No matter what. We cannot just sit back and let this insanity become a reality. It is better to die trying to prevent its realization, than to be the good little cowards that they have dumbed us down, indoctrinated, conditioned, programmed and "washed-us-of(TRUE)-brains", aka brainwashed us, to be. For, as I've said before, "living" a so-called "life" under this global enslavement, and without any True Liberty and Freedom, is a "life" not at all worth living anyway; because, "living" without freedom and liberty is not living, not True Living anyway. So, we've got to be the opposite of cowards, which is True American and World Patriots, and stop this madness from coming to exist. Or die trying.

"Give (us) (TRUE) liberty or give (us) death!" --Patrick Henry, U.S. Founding Father and True American and World Patriot your social media marketing partner
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