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Self-Determination and Self-Governance

Written by John S. Browne   
Monday, 30 November 2015 00:09
There is no one, or no group of people, who so typify those who cannot govern themselves properly, than the neocons (aka, neo-"conservatives"---I put the word, "conservatives", in quotes because they are only so-called "conservatives"; as, True Conservatives, like True Liberals, are for liberty and freedom without ANY compromises with evil, or those compromises that threaten liberty and freedom). Yet the neocons falsely believe that We, the American People supposedly cannot govern ourselves, properly or at all; and so, they believe that they have to make the U.S. into an authoritarian, and increasingly totalitarian, state because, in their view, everyone other than themselves needs to be completely controlled; which their counterparts in the rest of the West are also bringing about in their respective countries as well.

The neocons who, along with their "(in)security"-state neophytes on both sides of isle who are not necessarily neocons entirely, want us all monitored and surveilled 24-7-365, as they have quite successfully already brought about, particularly since 9-11 (which was used as the excuse, pretext and/or cause celebre to bring it about by convincing most of the American people, who have had a true understanding of liberty, freedom and privacy quite effectively "dumbed-down" out of them, that in order to avoid future "9-11s", we must allegedly give up our liberty, freedom and privacy for so-called "security", which will supposedly be brought about by the authoritarian, and increasingly totalitarian, state that has now been developed in the U.S. and much of the Western world).

True, the U.S. has in reality been an authoritarian state since at least 1916, if not before; but it has been gradually, so as not to arouse too much concern about same and thus prevent it from continuing, increased to the point where it is very nearly at its apex today. We now live in a "panopticon", all-pervasive, surveillance state that is being steadily increased by leaps and bounds to such an extent that we very nearly have no True Liberty, Freedom and Privacy left at all in the U.S. and the West. And why else to have that panopticon surveillance state than to exercise absolute control over the people of the U.S. and the West, where increasingly no dissent will be tolerated by the government? All of this is of course anathema to all True Liberty, Freedom, Privacy, Self-Determination and Self-Governance, and the opposite of all that the U.S. and the other republics of the West are ONLY supposed to stand for, but that is the goal of the authoritarians and totalitarians; again, absolute control.

These corporate-fascists, which is what the authoritarians and totalitarians are, don't want anyone but themselves to have any autonomy, free will, freedom of choice, independence and privacy. They want us all under their "jackboot" thumbs, and are thus removing all True Dignity, Freedom, Liberty, Privacy and Security from us. They are, in fact, so completely controlled by evil that they are eradicating free will, freedom of choice, self-determination and self-governance in favor of a worldwide panopticon totalitarian-fascist dictatorship, through global government, in the guise of it being our "only hope", our "only salvation" and "the only way to 'save' the planet". And, quite unfortunately, most of the West, including most Americans, are falling for it just as planned and designed by the globalists, or international corporate-fascists, bringing about totalitarian-socialist enslavement throughout the West; and, eventually, the world-over.

That is what the opposite of True Dignity, Freedom, Liberty, Privacy and Security that the authoritarians are bringing about is, you see, enslavement. Complete control with no True Liberty and Freedom allowed whatsoever. That is what the neocons and the rest of the corporate-fascist authoritarians and totalitarians are bringing about right now in the U.S. and rest of the West, the abject, total enslavement of their populations under "United Nations" global government; while, again, making it look like it is supposedly a desired outcome, and getting most of those populations to willingly capitulate to it by making them falsely believe that it "frees" them, and that it will "save" them and the entire planet. In True Reality, though, it is and will bring about no such things, but will bring about its opposite, absolute totalitarian corporate-fascist control, the "Fourth Reich" if you will, but on a truly global level this time, as the Third Reich desired and was unsuccessful in realizing in their era.

This is a wake-up call. We the People of the West and the world must stop this "uniting of the nations" under one-world government and the "New World (Dis)Order (NWO)" in the fraudulent guise of "saving the planet" and "saving humanity". We must stop our enslavement under this false "savior" that is right now eliminating all True Dignity, Freedom, Liberty, Privacy and Security, and all self-determination and self-governance, and we must save all of those best desires and realizations of humankind. We must not allow the reign of terror of "United Nations", "Fourth Reich" global totalitarianism, aka international totalitarian socialism, aka global corporate-fascism, and their ultimate enslavement of the West and the rest of the planet, to overrun our nations and world, anymore than we allowed Third Reich totalitarianism, aka national socialism, aka multinational corporate-fascism, to overtake our world during their reign of terror.

Long live True Liberty, Freedom, Self-Determination and Self-Governance, and ONLY True Liberty, Freedom, Self-Determination and Self-Governance! your social media marketing partner
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