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writing for godot

Musings from an old lady

Written by Andrea   
Wednesday, 09 September 2015 21:55
Musings from SpookyA
Sometimes I find myself pondering what a dark world we live in and I find myself drifting back to the Victorian age. The dark days of Dickens and Hardy, the bad ass Byron and his outspoken opulent ilk. Is it through rose tinted glasses that we see these characters; the Fagin’s and gangs of street kids, the smog with its hidden deceits and depravities, poverty ,disease and experiments, work ethics and immigrants.
It seems to me that we have the same old Issues, albeit now in a modern Pc society-
But I ask myself, what happened to freedom of speech, speaker’s corner and the press that strived to print the truth, Journalists that held free thought and humour, Spitting Image, Police that wanted a fair justice for all, Sherlock Holmes and Violins.
I do believe there are some very good journalists out there – somewhere! but sadly many have fallen to the wayside of dictatorship and spin offs. I am very pleased that Barrett Brown continues to write in his humorous Hunter S Thompson esque style, prison time and terms allowing of course.
Keep strong BB you are a real hero in many people’s eyes and also open many.
Politicians we know have always been a rather shady lot, but now, well they live in the shade, they deal in the darkness, like drug dealers, behind closed doors that elicit no light, no intrusions, only casting murky long shadows of bit truths in the hope that we will believe all their bullshit.
In today’s modern world we consume, greedy, selfish human beings that crave consumption; as in the disease itself we will probably choke ourselves in time, drowning slowly in the blood of our own making.
Procession of stolen property is of course a crime, as in Dickens day that loaf of bread will get you nicked, even if you are starving and liable to die anyways. However in today’s climate everyone steals from someone, Governments monitor and record our information from Telephones and computers, Supermarkets and banks record and monitor our spending, loyalty cards, Credit cards, medical and insurance records; everything is recorded and sold. Therein lies a rather big question, did I give my permission?
No, my personal details have been stolen from me, legally of course, so I can starve, safe in the knowledge that my details are safe!
Wikipedia is an immense and wonderful website that provides us with all the information we will ever need, who needs books anymore, well I for one do, but I digress. Julian Assange has created a monumental site that is well renowned and respected, however America (I should add the Government), I suspect thinks rather differently, I am sure it would love to own it and stuff it full of propaganda, imagine Wikki-CIA-FBI –Intelligence at your fingertips!
Why should we remain silent when faced with issues that are not as they should be. We are all human and it is right that we are told the truth. Who are they up there in their ivory towers and White house’s playing at being in control, dictating to us how we should live our lives. Taking away our freedoms to make our own judgements and decisions. Barrett Brown is paying the price, Chelsea Manning has paid the price, he has been chastised beyond belief, Snowden is a wanted man, Assange is holed up in an Embassy. What right does the government have to do this, when they are only telling us truths the government are plainly trying to hide, that sadly really do involve every human being on this planet, people please take note.
I have been brought up to question life, not simply accept things because that’s the way they are. We are not machines, we are human, we deserve respect and truth especially from those who run our countries. As 1984 looms ever closer, lock up your diaries, keep your paper close to your heart and a pen ever closer. Tip of the week, invest in a good old fashioned typewriter
An interesting quote I recently read went like this-
An investigator in a major federal department, had to interview every employee who signed up for Ashley Madison website, (Really are people so boring these days), using a department email- this caused several problems the employee was now in procession of stolen property. If the FBI wanted to arrest her technically they could. The work email is now associated, but they don’t have the right to use information stolen in the first place. Confused, so are they probably. (RSN Reader)

Note: Politics and affairs seem to go hand in hand.
To finish I will look deep into my crystal ball and seek new questions for my next musings. your social media marketing partner
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