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writing for godot

Western Corporate-Fascist Terrorism and Globalization are Seeking to Subjugate and Enslave the Entire World

Written by John S. Browne   
Monday, 20 July 2015 08:08

[ Written in response to Robert Parry's superb article, "The World Rebukes Netanyahu", at: ]

The sunshine of truth is VERY cleansing. The truth, rather than believing the lies of unlawful aggressive warmongers in both the U.S. and Israeli governments, and the mainstream media, sets us free. The fact of U.S. and globalist media going all out today as never before for support of globalism and its globalist powers including the U.S. government and those of the entire West, including the Israeli government, shows just how true it really is that globalism, and doing away with national sovereignty and individual liberty, freedom and rights, including in the U.S. and and the other Western countries, to bring about global collectivism [aka, totalitarian (inter)national socialism, aka fascism] and enslavement, while lying in order to make it appear that the non-globalist states like Iran are the so-called "aggressors", getting the attention off who the real, afore-named, aggressors are, and in order to convince the majority of the U.S. and other Western citizenry to support the global "totaliterrorizing", "totalitarianizing" and enslavement of the entire West and the world, and assure that the majority of said citizenry does not stand up against the globalization and "totalitarianization" of the U.S., the West and the world as they should, indeed must, stand up against if they are to save the world from global enslavement, is exactly what is happening. How much more insane do things have to get to be before we face this?

WHEN this globalization is brought to full fruition---I say "WHEN" because thus far the majority is falling for it and not standing up against it as they should be doing to prevent the "totalitarianizing", "totaliterrorizing" and enslavement of the U.S., the West and the world, as well as the eradication of all true, individual Liberty and Freedom that brings about that enslavement---the only people who will have any individual rights or freedom(s) and liberty(ies) will be the elitist oligarchy. The majority of the slave citizenry will only have collective(ist), so-called "rights" that are in reality no true rights AT ALL. (Actually, we are already under the "totaliterrorizing" and "totalitarianizing" of the U.S., the West and world, through the elimination of all true, individual Freedom(s) and Liberty(ies) throughout the sphere of globalist (aka, global government) influence, and turning same into (a) totalitarian militarized police state(s); but most don't realize it, and are being false-propagandized to not recognize, face and stand up against that that is exactly what is, right now, really going on.

Thus, the "Fourth Reich", neo-liberal, neo-fascist, neo-Nazi globalists and their totalitarian fascist globalization are winning, and succeeding in completely conquering all of us, right underneath our noses without the majority of the people of the U.S., the West and world even realizing that it is happening. Why? Because, through a great deal of lies and subterfuge, such as "Bibi 'Nutenyahoo'" and the mainstream media globalist propaganda arm's endless lies, they're convincing the majority of people, at least in the U.S. and the rest of the West, that globalization "is" in all of our, and the entire world's, so-called "best interest(s)"; brainwashing us into believing that the globalist government(s) is and/or are "not" the aggressors and are fighting for our, the West's and the entire world's "protection" and "security", and fighting for so-called "democracy", "liberty" and "freedom", aka, counterfeits thereof, and that all those, including entire nations like Iran that are against globalization and global enslavement, which they recognize is in truth what it is, are all the so-called "aggressors", "rebels", "anarchists", "subversives", "terrorists", "insurgents", "radicals", "extremists", "revolutionaries", "communists", "unlawful enemy combatants", "unprivileged enemy belligerents", "threats", "dissidents", "troublemakers", agitators, etc.

In other words, like their Nazi and/or fascist predecessors, they are painting everyone else but themselves as the enemy(ies); when, in reality, THEY and their global totalitarian corporate-fascism are the enemy(ies), turning the U.S., the West and the world into one great big totalitarian militarized police state! If you weren't already, are you awake now? A majority of us better completely wake up darn quick and get with standing up against this global fascist tyranny, terrorism, totalitarianism and enslavement, or we are all doomed to "live" as nothing but slaves (the opposite of living as Truly Free and Liberated individuals) with no true free will, freedom of choice and individual rights and liberty; in other words, doomed to "live" no longer (TRULY) free at all! We cannot let this happen! We must not allow our True Freedom(s), Liberty(ies) and Rights to be eradicated! We cannot let ourselves be turned into nothing but slaves! We MUST stop global(ist) corporate-fascism from enslaving us! Rise up and take a concerted stand against one-world, "new world order" enslavement! Don't allow it to takeover our world! Prevent it from subjugating all of us under a global corporate-fascist police state! your social media marketing partner
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