Here Are Who the Real Criminals and Terrorists Are

Written by John S. Browne   
Saturday, 23 May 2015 07:13
It's not that the government authorities really care about the true criminals, it's now about going after more and more people that they presume guilty of "something", "anything", truly guilty or innocent. In fact, in many cases they DON'T want to go after the "big-fish" criminals, especially the white collar ones, but to protect them; and, now, to partly do that by calling dissenters and whistleblowers, "terrorists" and/or "threats", and increasingly going after them more than anyone else; or, increasingly, more than the real criminals.

That's what part of the "'Patriot' Act" is about, the clause in it, "perceived threatening conduct", an extremely-broad, blanket indictment of people which can include just about anything, particularly non-violent dissent; criticism of the government; the people being a check and balance on, and their curbing, the power-abuses of government; etc. That is what these draconian, unconstitutional, and therefore in-truth illegal, "laws" are really about. "Thought-crime". They want to criminalize ALL dissent, be able to lock up and silence all of their critics, and prevent reforms that preserve rights, liberty(ies), freedom(s), and privacy. They want absolute control of EVERYONE; a completely controlled society, like whistleblower, Bill Binney, has said:

The extremists in the U.S. government are the terrorists, and the ones who "hate us for our freedoms", and/or who hate our very freedoms themselves; thus, they don't want us to have any rights, and are doing away with them. Well, they can't really do away with them, because they are innate, inalienable and immutable; but they believe they can and are doing away with them, and are increasingly treating us as such, violating those "inseparable-part-of-us" rights more and more, and doing so with "legal" cover for doing so, such as the "'Patriot' Act".

They want to make ALL upholders of liberty, freedoms and rights out to be "terrorists" and "'threats' to the state", and eliminate all of them. They want absolute control and free-reign to do whatever hideous, horrendous and vicious things they want to do, with absolutely no hindrance whatsoever to their doing so. Therefore, they have to criminalize ALL dissent, criminalize ALL dissenters, and silence ALL of them by imprisoning and/or exterminating them. That's what Nazi Germany had to do, and did; and that's what the now-"Fourth- Reich"-fascist U.S. and Western allied governments have to do, and are doing.

That's the real reason(s) they want absolute surveillance of everyone, to find out who ALL of the dissenters, and upholders of rights, liberty(ies), freedom(s) and privacy, etc., are; and then go after them to silence them completely one way or another; not to go after real terrorists (because those extremists in the U.S. government are the real terrorists, and true criminals; because they are also the true, ultimate criminals). The spotlight has to be put on all dissenters to their absolute hubris and hegemony, and be completely taken off themselves, making them look like the so-called "true patriots" and "heroes", and like all of the dissenters are so-called "criminals", "terrorists" and "threats" that "have to be dealt with", whatever it takes, and no matter how vicious, brutal and horrific their fascist purges of dissent are, and as we now see they are increasingly becoming today.

None of this is any "accident", but is ALL part of the globalist, corporate-fascist, absolute-global-domination plan, which is being brought about quite successfully right now, like clockwork. That is why I keep saying that they have been working towards this absolute hegemony, control and enslavement of everyone for a very long time, and that they are in their endgame right now (in other words, they are putting their finishing touches on it right now, and there's not much left that they believe they need to do to finalize and finish bringing it to fruition. Thus, they will not let ANYTHING curtail it for long; so, even if we have some apparent victories, like supposedly "sunsetting" the "'Patriot' Act", etc., in reality, behind the scenes, they will still be completing their total subjugation of the U.S., of the other Western countries, and of the entire world, finalizing and cementing global "Fourth Reich" corporate-fascist domination and control into place, irreversibly.

Again, don't get me wrong at all, even if it is all but a fait accompli, we all need to stand up against it anyway, no matter what; because, to do otherwise, is helping them, and being complicit in, their sealing our doom. Thus, we HAVE TO try and stop it, even if we die in the process of trying to do so. Everyone's so effectively brainwashed in the U.S., and in the rest of the West, to be virtually entirely ignorant of liberty, freedom and rights, and the importance of standing up for them, actually believing that it's "not important" to stand up for, preserve and protect those liberties, freedoms and rights (that's how successfully they've been indoctrinated and conditioned to not take them seriously and to do little or nothing to stop their curtailment), that they are doing just that, doing little or nothing about their evisceration; making those, whether they know it or not, who are doing little or nothing about it, complicit in those right's, liberties' and freedom's curtailment, violation, contravention and abrogation.

That's why we have to wake more people up and get them to see the NECESSITY of putting their very liberty(ies), and their lives themselves, on the line; because we've GOT TO seek to stop this global subjugation, hegemony, control and enslavement no matter what, or we're all literally, and completely, "fracked", "screwed", "doomed" and/or "finished", and it's "overwith" for all of us. That's truly what is at stake, absolutely no exaggeration whatsoever. So, let's all get to it, or we're "roadkill" [and responsible for not even at least trying to prevent this evil "New World 'Order' (NWO)", "Project for a New (Amerikan and Global) Century (PNAC)", and this complete and absolute fascist societal control and collectivism, with NONE OF US having ANY True Liberty(ies), Freedom(s) and Privacy, nor ANY other True Rights, left anymore at all; in other words, having been made complete slaves just as these insane, mad- men and women who run this thing, want; and, thus, the question is, are most of us just going to rollover and let this madness take over entirely, or are we all going to rise up and at least attempt to stop it as it is the responsibility of ALL OF US to do?].

It's not something that can be left to the minority of people who are already doing so; for, if a MUCH larger number of us don't do it, there will not be enough of us to put a stop to it. Most "Amerikans" in particular, and especially "liberals" and "progressives", don't like to be told what it is their duty to do; but, whether they like it or not, IT IS their duty; and, therefore, they need to be part of the solution, or they are part of the problem and complicit in it. So, "Amerikans", "liberals", "progressives" and "conservatives", get with it and fulfill your duty to try and stop this fascist madness from taking over completely. your social media marketing partner
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