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writing for godot

U.S. Human Rights Violators and War Criminals Honored in Today's Insane Reality

Written by John S. Browne   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 07:44
That we honor war criminals in the U.S. today, is quite a blight on all of the United State's original principles and values. [See Ray McGovern's article, William & Mary (College) Honors War Criminal Condoleezza Rice, with said article to found at .] But it can be explained by the fact that most "Amerikans", if they ever knew such facts, quickly forget them. Thus, the "memory hole" of George Orwell's book, "1984", is exceedingly in operation; and that's the way so-called "good" false-propaganda works, to as Orwell described, literally rewrite history, changing it, and making most people forget the true facts of what really happened as if it never happened.

That is what we have so abundantly in action today in the U.S. and the rest of the West (among most of the people of the countries of the United State's allies); and I despair that far too many, if not most, "Amerikans" in the U.S. have successfully been indoctrinated and conditioned to an extreme extent by false propaganda to forget true history and to honor the lies and their promoters of false history, or simply to believe that the dishonorable facts of true history are "acceptable" and "laudable", that this is now what the U.S. and the other supposedly "civil-liberties-conscionable" Western countries represent, and that "it's all (supposedly) perfectly 'okay'", while madness is totally taking over the lands of the "brave" and the "free", and rapidly driving us inexorably over the edge of cliff to our complete destruction.

That is how far the U.S. and the West have fallen and "slid down the slippery slope", that Orwell's "1984" has become such a definite reality in those places, that it is becoming more and more "acceptable", that most of their citizenry are swallowing most of the lies and the rewritten history, as the truth disappears down the "memory hole", that increasing numbers dissenters and those that seek to uphold, preserve and protect the truth and what is right are being silenced, and that war criminals, human rights violators and mass-murderers are honored and glorified with Orwellian "'Peace' Prizes" and other completely hypocritical honorifics. Such is the level of the mass-insanity that has taken over and is overthrowing everything that is truly good, and just and honorable.

"Welcome" to Orwell's "Nazi West", the globalist's and corporate-fascist's fulfillment of their wildest dreams, entirely subjugating and enslaving all of the West and the whole world under "1984's" dystopian, draconian and evil totalitarian militarized slave state. As a result of all this, I believe that now only God Himself could extricate us from the express train to hell on earth that is presently speeding us to our doom in the false guise of "saving" us and our planet, the "Fourth Reich" on steroids, in truth seeking nothing honorable, but only the exploitation and demise of most of life on earth. your social media marketing partner
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