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Introducing the Now Fascist (Dis)United States of Amerika

Written by John S. Browne   
Saturday, 04 April 2015 19:33
[ Written in response to Glenn Greenwald's excellent article, "Court Accepts DOJ's 'State Secrets' Claim to Protect Shadowy Neocons: A New Low", at: ]

There is no doubt anymore that we in the U.S. are now ruled by a fascist government. More and more that government is not even trying to put on the appearance of being a constitutional republic form of government, and a truly free country. Now they are increasingly flaunting the(ir) fascism right in our faces for all to see, with little or no concern about it coming back to haunt them, because they believe, particularly with a now majority-fascist U.S. Supreme Court, that they can get away with it. Even if they didn't succeed in this specific instance in covering up their "al CIAduh(!)", Mossad and "Fourth Reich" front group, which is undoubtedly what it is, who is going to be held accountable? The obvious answer is, no one, as time and time against we have been shown that the U.S. government is no longer held accountable concerning virtually anything.

The U.S. government can get away with holding people in indefinite imprisonment without charge and trial (preparing to do so more and more by doing so against American citizens on U.S. soil); with assassinating and/or executing innocent people, and/or people presumed guilty in violation of U.S. and international law(s); with invading sovereign countries in "the supreme international crime" under international law (also part of U.S. law) of preemptive wars of aggression; with mass- murdering, maiming and displacing millions of innocent civilians, etc., etc.; all with immunity from prosecution, and therefore with impunity.

And, as if all of that was not bad enough, they can also get away with illegally influencing, coercing, co-opting and hijacking what is (and/or are) supposed to be nothing but impartial courts into doing their will, also with immunity and impunity.

All of this are some of the very hallmarks of a fascist government, and it is increasing to an alarming extent, but the U.S. government is more and more asserting that it is supposedly above all law(s), even interpreting the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to talk all of the latter's most important principles right out the window, thus seeking to eradicate the human rights and civil liberties delineated therein, and certainly violating them right and left to an ever-increasing degree; again, all with impunity and immunity. Therefore, they have become a government that is an extreme threat to all of us, but especially to all those millions of Americans who stand up against this rising tide of fascism that is deluging us right now, a government that extra-legally considers all dissenters to be a "threat" and to be "terrorists", coming after them more and more.

If all of this increasing fascist madness doesn't alarm every single last one of us, and the U.S. government has already successfully cowed most of the U.S. population, which they have, we are all in deep doo-doo; and, in fact, we are already immersed in it up to our necks, and it is about to drown us all. The government can already get away with improper ex parte (without the parties and their attorneys being present, and being completely privy to same, as required by law) communication with a judge and a court ostensibly "of law", in a private lawsuit where the government is not a party to same, and successfully browbeat that court and judge to cater to the government's whims, all without the initiators of the lawsuit being able to respond to and/or object to same (as also required by law). That is totalitarian fascism; absolutely no ifs, ands or buts about it whatsoever.

Do you continue to think that we still live in a free country, in a country whose government can get away with such blatant violations of law and then some; and do so to a larger and larger, and more and more alarming, extent with immunity and impunity? What kind of so-called "free country" is that?

The U.S. government has already enacted unconstitutional "laws", and written unconstitutional Presidential Directives and Executive Orders (also ostensibly "laws"), which they can use to lock-down the entire country under martial law, allegedly suspend all constitutional rights, indefinitely imprison all, even non-violent, dissenters, and can even execute Americans at-will, all of which are totalitarian "laws" and actions. If all of this doesn't prove that we are all in extreme danger at the hands of the U.S. government, will anything ever do so?

We ALL have the duty to stand up against and "abolish" all such despotic, tyrannical and totalitarian government [according to the Declaration of Independence, which is part of U.S. constitutional law via the latter's Supremacy Clause (in other words, joined to the U.S. Constitution and therefore just as much LAW as the rest of the Constitution)*]; for, if we don't abolish it, the entire country, and every single last one of us (except of course for the minions of this totalitarian coup), is in grave danger, and we are all screwed; again, particularly all those True Americans who stand up against all of this totalitarian fascist madness that is rapidly engulfing us.

We don't have a choice, we have got to take our government and country back, or we are dooming every last one of us, and the entire country, to a coming hell on earth, aka holocaust, of almost unlimited proportions. Therefore, people, "throw off" and "abolish" this totalitarian fascist government that is taking over completely, and save this country and all of its people from the holocaust that is otherwise soon to come if we fail to do so.

But we cannot fail to do so. We have got to successfully restore nothing but constitutional law and order, and shut down the corporate-fascist "national '(in)security'" and totalitarian militarized police state that the U.S. is rapidly becoming, for the sake of all of us. Again, we don't have a choice; for, to fail to do so, and that failure's assured outcome, is completely unacceptable. So please, people, restore True Dignity, Freedom, Liberty, Privacy and Security before it's too late.

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