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Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria's fantastic success story, with an ironic twist

Written by Richard Kane   
Thursday, 27 November 2014 10:25
Dr. Baez Sarria had none of the trauma of past Ebola victims whisked out of Africa.

Three months ago Ebola survivors had a horror story to tell. Kent Bradly describes feeling totally lonely and helpless with no control of bodily functions. The following Wall Street Journal article vividly details these early trials and tribulations. I learned quite a bit of interesting comparisons at the following link,

More recently when two Texas nurses were cured of Ebola, I noticed no signs of emotional or physical trauma, I thought maybe because they never actually saw what happens if Ebola treatment waits and is not treated aggressively, but Dr Sarria had witnessed the horror and shows no signs of trauma. Both nurses when cured enjoyed being hugged by their friends one even by the President. Now with Dr. Felix Sarria's even better care, you wouldn't know he had the same disease Kent Bradly had. His fever never got above 100 degrees, the medications he took made sure of that. When he arrived in Switzerland for treatment he walked off the plane himself instead of on a stretcher. He had expressed optimism, and maintained email and phone contact with his wife. Somehow no one noted that today is an entirely different scenario than three months ago at least at high-tech facilities.

I don't want to overdo the thought that the problem for this county is over. Had the two Texas nurses risked spreading Ebola around during a bad flu season it would have been another test of the US medical system as people in Texas or NY rushed to hospitals and clinics to cheek out a fever. At risk people could have already had a fever which could mask the systems of Ebola for two life-threatening days. The world has some increased danger ahead in several directions,

To me I think there is also a moral dilemma. Ebola has accelerated both the idea and the practive that good health care is something for the privileged few.

To me it is ironic that a place like Cuba which stands for the idea of equality in health care, has a doctor who was singled out for the best Ebola health care so far. I wish more time was spent opposing the Cuban Embargo then making sure he has the best care possible. Look at the dream behind Cuba's emphasis on health care, a Saudi prince couldn't buy the health care the Cuban doctor received.

It is very unfair how only those connected in some way to the West get top health care, how much care you get related to how important you are. The people in immediate dire danger, hard working African nurses far from high-tech health care have not being given the latest experimental vaccine, but an experimental vaccine isn't the real thing. The top treatment centers in Switzerland, Britain, and the US should pick a few of the hardest working African nurses and invite them to purposely be infected with Ebola in a high-tech treatment center, then go back and treat Ebola in the traditional way, without masks and gloves (the UN already hiring survivors to work with infants with out any protection). Health care would suddenly get more efficient, the stigma of being a survivor would start to dissipate, and what's left of Africa's warm close-knit tribal culture would likely be preserved.

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+1 # Mickeyfilm 2014-11-29 01:03
Great article. I've visited their medical school and it's really outstanding. It's free but you have to agree to do 3 years of work in an improvised location which includes some in the US. Again, great article.
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2014-11-30 10:29
Still resting, Dr. Baez Sarria and his doctor wife and doctor son personally have an opportunity to save many thousands of lives is they temporarily switch to fighting polio in Pakistan. The problem with medics being attacked started ten years ago when Doctor's Without Borders nurses insulted Pashtun morals by not having a male relative escort and not covering their heads (way before the US spied of bin Laden's DNA). Earlier President Kennedy's wife and later Secretary of State Madeleine Albright wore too heavy for the weather hooded coats, to cover their hair until the Saudis got used to seeing female dignities without head coverings. Dr. Sarria's family of doctors presents an opportunity to save a lot of lives temporarily fighting polio. His wife, Dr. Baez Sarria, while giving polio shots could wear an Ebola mask that happens to be black like a burka and always while in public for the first month be escorted by her husband or her doctor son.
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2014-12-02 12:04
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