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Smashing Victory for Hate, Election Season 2014

Written by Richard Kane   
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 08:48
Due to Ebola hysteria elections were directly effected in Texas, NJ and Maine.

Hate won, but there is a possibility of surprises in the new Lame Duck Congress where losing Democrats are free to vote their conscience on so-called hopeless causes if they take the ball away from President Obama. They can introduce legislation such as ending the embargo of Cuba; instead of the Lame Duck giving $600 billion to fight Ebola like Obama says he will request, giving a few million to Cuba to fight Ebola with. The US likes giving weapons and money to the Kurds to fight our human enemies like ISIS. We know that Kurds are leaner and are much better fighters on the ground than US troops, but giving arms to the others means giving weapons for ISIS to buy or steal. Let's have Cuba be the US's boots on the ground in fighting the earth's number one disease enemy, the US giving quality meters to quickly test for Ebola saving millions who quickly discover whether the fever is Malaria or Ebola. This Lame Duck could be the most important Congressional period in US history in more ways than one. Cuban-American NJ Senator Menendez's grip on Congress over Cuba has now all but evaporated.

Hate and smears won. Ebola panic won elections in Texas, NJ, and Maine. Terror of Ebola swarming over the Southern border dissipated somewhat when Mexico acted just as extreme, banning a cruse ship because a passenger had treated an Ebola victim. But a nurse, Kaci Hickox, who at first glance looked like she might have been a Sierra Leone native, was falsely diagnosed with a fever, and was quarantined, singled out as the only nurse to have been treated this way. I believe it was false rather than a fluke temperature reading because of other incidents of false temperature readings from panic-driven health monitors. In other incidents such as with Roslyn Gray at the Spectrum Health Clinic in West Philadelphia, her temperature quickly was reported to be 105 degrees as soon as the doctor discovered she was originally from Sierra Leone, Paramedics rushing toward the clinic quickly corrected the error, but she was sent to UPenn hospital anyway kidnapped for a full 12 hours,
The following is a on line version that lacks the good picture and punchy wording

In addition progressives are celebrating the wrong smashing victories such as now Governor Tom Wolf who the polls already had shown as way ahead, wasted a lot of campaign dollars smearing Tom Corbett on Abortion and Social Issues, instead of channeling needed money to State Senatorial candidates. Corbett's actual rigidity was being fanatically pro-business refusing to tax shale. Corbett pulled the rug out from the anti-gay marriage lobby by not appealing PA court's gay marriage ruling. The caboose suddenly putting on the brakes is decimating the entire conservative moral issues's fight back.

The actual victory worth celebrating is Maxine Waters substantial House victory with her opponent spending the most, and also expensive smears from an unknown source smearing her on claims she supports cop killers with grotesque caricatures on prominently placed posters, and shown in news stories on the TV screen.

Ideally Maxine Waters will quickly introduce during this Lame Duck session one of her favorite issues-the ending of the Embargo of Cuba. She also defies the stereotype of black leaders, other than Obama, ignoring the plight of black Africa when it comes to Ebola, she is working hard on the issue of Ebola aid.

Maxine Waters input may become critical if Ebola hits the tribal areas of Pakistan where health care workers are being shot, turning Polio in the direction of a local epidemic. Tribal leaders don't like the government or China whose relationship to Pakistan is considered similar to US relations with Israel, they don't like Hindu doctors from India, and al Qaeda doesn't like US or NATO doctors, Cuba sending doctors to Tribal Pakistan may be the only thing to prevent the threat of Ebola in Asia from becoming as bad as in Africa.

Tentative new Cuban and US cooperation,

To make a long story short, Mumia-phobia is in the way of Maxine Waters tremendous opportunities to promote good. Mumia-phobia decimated the Civil Rights opportunities of the Justice Department with Debo Adegbile's demise and got five Senators to retire or be fired. Mumia-phobia led to a new Pennsylvania law taking away a prisoner's right to protest. Ironic since Mumia never protests prison conditions or prison issues aside from writing the book “Death Row Lawyer” which he was rewarded with 6 months in the hole for writing. Now Mumia-phobia might lead to the deaths of 100s of millions by preventing Maxine Waters from effectively doing her job.

I have an entire new take on the Mumia abu-Jamal Daniel Faulkner saga. Let's pretend we know nothing about the people involved except two brothers, one wounded and the other beat up, a friend of the beatup brother who ran away, and one person dead. The beat up brother reported looking through papers and looked up upon hearing a shot, strangely reporting no second up-close shot to the front of the dead victim's head. The injured brother, before trial, reported a conspiracy to kill or sacrifice a city worker to silence John Africa's truths. During the trial spent most of the time condemning his lawyer and the judge, and has been reluctant to say anything at all about what happened. When he had to make an affidavit said he heard a shot, saw his brother stagger, then saw his brother was bleeding through the legs of those beating the gun owning brother up, never stating whether he saw his brother hit, or saw or knew who hit his brother. If the emotional details were left out which I did, one might suspect something about a huge drug deal which all those involved for some reason want to say as little as possible about. The prosecuting story most frequently told by prominent Philadelphia Inquirer commentator Mike Smerconish, the killer fired at the later killed dead man, who fired back, then though seriously wounded, ran forward directly toward the soon to be dead man, shot him point blank to the head. Mike Smeconish reported the final bullet also came from the killer's gun something the Inquirer in an earlier article reported was too mangled to tell which gun it came from, then the killer put the gun back in the holster. Then if you take in the facts of where the wounded brother fell, ran back and collapsed from lost of blood. If someone gave Mike Smerconish this story without mentioning Mumia or a police officer I doubt Mike would believe it himself. Back in 1980 and 81 the FBI was closing in on corruption and police abuse in Philadelphia as Mumia with much insight was reported how frequently the then obnoxious Back-to-Nature sect MOVE kept getting beat up and charged with assaulting an officer every time they got beat up. The corrupt department was very lucky that Mumia's reports of police abuse, and an otherwise popular whistle blowing cop was silenced or was it more than luck?

There is no way we can unlock the Mumia riddle and thus save Asia from Ebola if we rely on Mumia or his prison showing off to find out what really happened. Or with anyone who overly admires Mumia trying to get to the bottom of what happened. In 1999 Mumia was causing an international stir.

In 1999 there was a lot of tension over the Mumia abu Jamal case because Russia and Cuba were writing glowingly of Mumia abu Jamal, and strongly about Human Right's violations against minorities in the US that created a lot of anger back from conservative Americans, international tension was rising. Arnold Beverly came forward claiming he killed Mumia for the mob. Beverly was extremely sparse on details, and the video looked similar to the caricature the pimp dressed character who exposed ACORN. Mumia jumped up embracing Beverly's testimony. As a result Russia and Cuba found the Mumia saga was too difficult to deal with and suddenly stopped reporting on Mumia. If I am right that Arnold Beverly was really from the FBI or another government agency whose sole purpose was to lessen international tension over Mumia, it worked. If so, the FBI or another government agency might open its files and expose the truth about the Mumia saga. Ironically the Arnold Beverly plot to derail Cuban and Russian support in the long run might mean not uncovering the truth until after Maxine Waters fails to end the Embargo of Cuba and save Asia from Ebola and militants in Pakistan trying to steal Pakistani nukes to try to get even with the US, with in their minds, causing Ebola in Asia by derailing the Polio vaccine efforts. Another simple fact that people prefer to ignore rather than saving millions of lives is that Ebola survivors must go back to work without masks and gloves like the UN is already hiring Ebola survivors to do with infants.

Again, the Lame Duck session might be an ideal moment to end the embargo of Cuba and thus save perhaps millions of lives from Ebola. Uncovering the truth in the Mumia abu Jamal saga might allow Maxine Walkers to save millions from dying from Ebola, by getting the albatross of supporter of cop killers from around her neck.

Please, Mr. and Ms. Lame Duck Congress, realize you have an opportunity to change history, several important election losers realize that you have an opportune moment to make a different rather than tiredly going with the flow. your social media marketing partner
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