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We Need a Serious Player For the 2012 Role of POTUS

Tuesday, 27 December 2011 07:28
We need to have a 2012 presidential candidate that so passionately believes in the role s/he plays that s/he takes this POTUS role playing to a transcendent exponential level. Such a serious player might appeal to "children" of all ages by saying something like this:

"The time has arrived for all of us to start giving much needed attention to ourselves. Instead of all of us demanding attention from others, for example from the government, we first need to evolve into our mature citizen-selves. In order to do this we need to have a self, an internal super star self! We all need to be "celebrities" to ourself. It's premature for any of us to be "responsible adults" and/or citizens of a democracy or a republic, etc., until and unless we have THOROUGHLY all mastered the ego and drama of childhood."

"If elected president, I will begin a policy where we all can choose to virtually return to our childhoods, and this time we will all have the childhood that was meant for us to have, namely a child hood of absolute freedom from responsibility. We will all have an opportunity to master that virtual childhood. We will all have the opportunity to thoroughly exhaust all the play, and all the drama and ego in this virtual childhood. There will, of course, be bullying and drama as well, but it will monitored by kindergarten, etc., monitors that have the patience and expertise of philosopher kings and philosopher queens.

As a result, we will all graduate to responsible adulthood and citizenship. Then, and only then, will we be FREELY willing and able to accept the next step in our HUMAN evolution, because the "democracy" that we have now, in reality HAS us. Our present "democracy" is only PRACTICE for authentic democracy. After we have experienced this virtual childhood "regression", we will all be able to CHOOSE to be responsible mature adults. We will be AUTHENTIC adults because we will have EVOLVED from and will WANT to go beyond the ego and drama of childhood into the responsibility of MATURE self agency.

We all want and need to feel our absolute energy, our absolute confidence. The problem is that we all try to interpret this energy, and, as a result our energy "interprets" us, our energy "lives" us instead of us having any energy "agency", any real confidence at all, we exist on a PERFORMANCE energy sublevel, and a confidence-defensivenes polarity and we live in limited ways instead of risking to TRANSCEND performace to limitlessness.

We need to deal with the reality that our energy at the core of us is ambiguity, possibility. Accepting the anxiety of ambiguity is the first step towards appreciation of it, and gratitude for the absolute confidence that accompanies this. When we accept the reality of this anxiety of ambiguity we can start the monumental process of determining what are absolute life and death issues and what are relative quality of life issues, because we will have become free from the defensiveness of RELATIVE confidence.

Until we confront ambiguity, especially our dark, or darkest sides, instead of authentically living we are, at best, practicing to live, because instead of having our confidence, it has us!. Until we confront this anxiety of ambiguity, we mistake drama and ego for life, and we have drama and ego in place of real life. To the degree we try to use our energy to judge ourselves and others, (whether the judging is positive or negative), we are attempting to limit ambiguity and possibility, and the anxiety inherent in them.

As a result, we settle for relative confidence in "happiness" like "The American Dream", money, fame, power, etc., when we COULD choose to risk to strive for absolute joy, love, humor and transcendence(understanding that basic needs are, of course, a primary consideration).

Americans, as trailblazers for the rest of the world, we need to try to feel the anxiety of ambiguity as the love of freedom and the freedom of love, and the love of humor, and the humor of love (sometimes absurd humor and love, sometimes dark love and dark or darkest humor, as well.) Regardless, we need to try to communicate this anxiety of ambiguity instead of deny its existence, in a way that is as limitless as possible. In this way, even if our communication, our love, our humor, even our confidence, etc., is misunderstood by others, we may often often come close to at least understanding ourselves better, because by embracing the anxiety of ambiguity, Americans, as models for future world citizens, can begin to accept an ambiguous, yet universally valid, IDENTITY, an IDENTITY OF CONFIDENCE!"

Hope this is such a candidate for POTUS out there. In the alternative, I will humbly accept any writ in mandate in November 2012! your social media marketing partner
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