Peace's Successful False Jab

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Thursday, 08 October 2020 19:47

Peace's Successful False Jab

During the Vice President debate Pence made one important smear that was never corrected by Harris or the fact-checker sites, claiming that if the SARS epidemic in 2009 had been as deadly as Covid-19 America would be as bad off as the present crisis and that Biden failed to deal with it. The exact opposite is true. Biden was amazingly alert against SARS H1N1

Pence also praised Harris’s life of successes then claimed Biden supported banning fracking, for the purpose of Trump winning the biggest battleground state of Pennsylvania. Harris made more swing voters like her but it wasn’t a beauty contest.

In 2009 when SARS began to spread, Biden announced “Listen, we need to be aggressive early on this,” Biden said “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places planes subway or an enclosed car,”

The airline industry screamed ad Obama pressured Biden to walk back his comments. If Biden will become President, the US virus fighting response would be on par with Vietnam and Taiwan.

Joe Biden has a habit of praising Obama but it is time to praise Biden, Obama wasn’t nearly alert. Of course since 2009 Republicans obstructed not only Obama’s Supreme Court nominees, but obstructed increased spending on medical stockpiles, masks, ventilators and other medical equipment.

The TV screen is full of attack ads the most nasty ones by third parties not the Trump, or Biden’s campaigns, specially the one of Biden supposedly announcing that he is going to raise taxes on day one. I would like see the Lincoln Project or another Biden supporting political pac have a TV commercial praising Biden’s historic sharp interest in fighting pandemics. your social media marketing partner
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