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Wednesday, 23 September 2020 01:55


My problem with Joe Biden is that as much as I don’t want to see Trump win, I find that I want Biden to lose.  I know I am going to catch hell from my Democrat friends for saying this, but that’s how I feel.  To win my vote, Biden needs to earn my vote–to prove that his presidency would make a difference.

I made a list of ways he could win my vote, and I am willing to compromise: I will vote for Biden if he supported only 10 of the items on my list.

PS:  A friend asked me if I would vote for Trump if he supported 10 of the issues listed.     “Certainly,” I said.

If you need more information about any of the issues I list, please refer to the footnotes, that will help you investigate for yourself.  I would hope you go through my list (or make a list of your own), and vote for Biden (or even Trump) only if one of them meets your expectations.



Support Medicare for All

Allow the federal government to purchase medicines from foreign countries.  Allow individuals to do the same

Make it illegal for Big Pharma to advertise

Prosecute scientists who work in Biological Weapons labs.[1] Prosecute scientists and entrepreneurs who outsource bioweapons to foreign countries to sidestep the law

Investigate whether Corona 19 is a weaponized virus.[2] Investigate Anthony Fauci’s possible complicity in weaponizing viruses not only COVID 19 but SARS and others

Empower physicians to prescribe any medicine (such as homeopathic ones or hydroxychloroquine) that in their professional opinion are warranted

Demand that Bill Gates test any new vaccine he is selling on himself, his wife, and his children before offering to sell it to the public.  (Which was what Jonas Salk did.) Suggest that he not patent the vaccine (As Jonas Salk refused to do[3])

Prosecute Bill Gates for forcibly vaccinating children of color with virtually untested vaccines resulting in (among other things) the paralysis of 496,000 children between the years 2000 and 2017.[4] Force him to pay reparations.

Prosecute Bill Gates for secretly vaccinating Kenyan girls with a sterility vaccine disguised as a tetanus vaccine.[5] Force him to pay reparations.

Guarantee that when Big Pharma receives subsidies to develop safe vaccines, the vaccines would have been thoroughly tested for safety, and if declared safe would be made available at very low cost to the public that invested in them

Outlaw mandating vaccines of people who don’t want them as a crime against humanity

Stop indemnifying vaccine makers; hold them responsible for any faulty vaccines they sell

Make the placing of secret Biometric IDs in vaccines a capital offence [6] [7]

Commit to extending the life expectancy of Americans (by endorsing universal health care).  The US life expectancy now is 76.3: Hong Kong’s life expectancy is 81.8; Italy’s life expectancy is 81.7;  in Spain life expectancy is 80.7 [8].

Propose Dental Care For All

Propose Long Term Care For All


End universal surveillance

Denounce digital currency, 5G, and Biometric IDs because their only purpose is a new virtual form of totalitarianism –  digital totalitarianism [9]

Eliminate the Fed (a privately held cartel of banks).  Its sole purpose is to control the money supply of the US and to enrich billionaires.  Endorse the gold standard

Pardon ALL convicts who are serving time for victimless crimes like possession or sales of marijuana, prostitution, and gambling

Have presidential or governor pardons be subject to a strict Judicial Process – we are not a monarchy

Demilitarize the police

Pledge to restore police to their original roles as peace officers, and public servants

End the private prison system

Disband Homeland Security

Disband the CIA

Restrict the activities of the FBI to controlling interstate crime

Oppose censorship.  Declare that it is the responsibility of the individual (not Google, not  Facebook, not Twitter) to judge and investigate what is misinformation and what is not

Legalize drug use.  Declare: “my body/my choice/my responsibility

Legalize euthanasia and suicide.  Declare that Dr. Kevorkian was a hero.  Build a monument to him

End Capital Punishment

Place term limits on all Federal Judges including Federal Supreme Court justices

Make private armies illegal both here and abroad [10]

Honor ALL treaties with Native Americans

Reaffirm the American commitment the Founding Father’s made to the separation of church and state


Encourage whistleblowers.  Erect a national monument in their honor

Pardon Julian Assange… Build a monument to him

Pardon Edward Snowdon…   Build a monument to him

Investigate the murder of Jeffrey Epstein

Reopen the investigation into the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK

Reopen the investigation into 911


Take our troops out of the Middle East, Africa, and South America

Take our troops out of Europe, Japan, and South Korea

Close ALL 80 American bases (or ALL 1000 bases, depending on how you count) [11]

Withdraw from NATO

Prosecute anyone who participates in torture

End the boycotts of Venezuela, Iran, and Cuba

Condemn Israeli apartheid

Pick your country!  End dual citizenships for all

End foreign aid to Israel (Approximately a third of the entire US foreign aid budget goes to Israel) [12]

Support the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement

Demand that Israel stop bombing Gaza [13]

Stop selling weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia and Israel

Cut off all funds to the Pentagon’s UFO unit. [14]

Free all immigrant children who are presently imprisoned or detained

Pursue detente with Russia


Offer free college for all

Declare that Art and Music should be a part of every student’s curriculum

Subsidize libraries, museums, and local theaters

Acknowledge that virtual learning is inferior to face-to-face learning; that virtual.  labs are inferior to hands-on experiences. Encourage parents to limit screen time

Deemphasize sports-they are big business for many universities



Stop geo-engineering

Stop fracking

Stop drilling off-shore for gas or oil

Plant a million trees

Remove the pipeline across North Dakota and elsewhere

Denounce clear cutting

Clean up the oceans, lakes and streams, and the air

Improve public transportation

Protect our national parks as sacred monuments – eschew privatization

Eschew drilling for oil or gas or mining or harvesting anything in our national forests


Submit to a cognitive test and pass it (All candidates for federal offices should have to make their medical records public>

Apologize for supporting wars whenever and wherever they are including but not limited to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Iran

Recognize that identity politics is a ruse

End the two-party duopoly–make it easier to create new political parties

Demand that any political candidate be forced to list the corporations that have made major donations to him/her

Demand that any promise made by politicians during a political campaign be binding; that a failure to do so would be an impeachable offense.

Make it illegal for any politician to accept money for a “speech” for 10 years after they leave office.

Make it a felony for any retired military leader to accept a job with (or lobby for) any sector of the military-industrial-corporate complex





Subsidize and encourage very small businesses by giving them tax breaks and/or subsidies.

Place an extra Tax on behemoths like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Wall Mart, Home Depot, CVS

Declare that no bank no industry no business is too big to fail

Guarantee a free press…  Break up the biggest major-media monopolies such as MSNBC, CBS, FOX NEWS, NPR, PBS

Demand that phony nonprofits such as NPR and PBS loose their not-for-profit status

Demand that churches pay taxes like everyone else

End the Foundation System which was developed not to help Americans but to shield vast private fortunes from being taxed

Declare that Social Security is an entitlement, and pledge to increase benefits

Declare that it is immoral, illegal, and dangerous to possess more than 50 million dollars.  That assets in excess of 50 million dollars will be seized by the Federal Government and would be used to support universal healthcare, free education, and the environment

Return to the Eisenhower era of graduated income tax [15]

Eschew privatization– especially or schools and prisons

Commit to making America the place with the smallest percentage of people incarcerated instead of the largest [16]



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