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writing for godot

Last Supper At Mar-a-Lago

Written by Dandelion   
Tuesday, 07 July 2020 09:31



You who walk upon Galilee waters,

You who turns loaves into fishes,

pristine waters into bloody wines,

who shudders in white linen robes:


Tell me what's for supper? Will there be snapper or salmon?

Goblets of sparkling cyanide, sprinkled arsenic, yellowed

tablecloths trimmed by Miss Havisham's crumbling lace?

Tell me as the world grows dark.


American Caesar demands: Tell me what's for supper?

Pudding, pies, freedom fries - NO OPEN BAR!

Who's coming? Kochs, Mercers, and Ruisian bots,

All my children, all my lawyers, all my FOX blondes...


On the banks of the Nile, strolling from Engine to Caboose, wandering across emerald lawns of a posh boarding school, the brilliant Belgian detective twirls his famous mustache:

Aren't the hallmarks       of a murderer          vanity and greed?


American Caesar trumpets: Clear the helipad! Clear the helipad!

Armored coptors of Erik Prince must land,

Clear the marina! Clear the marina! Yachts of Betsy DeVos must dock.

Has Melania ordered enough caviar?


A twisted media circus fills humble bowls with toxic gruel.

Please sir...No more!


Gig Economy Hipster Chef, pulsating Doomsday watch aglow:


I want to go out with a FEAST. I want to go out with a DEFEAT.

I want to immolate the BEAST. I shall elevate the MEEK.

I shall render unto Caesar, what is truly Caesar's.

Yes, Judas, I see you...By all means...EAT. your social media marketing partner
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