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writing for godot

The Cassandra Epidemic

Written by gbdoc   
Friday, 21 February 2020 21:56

As bad as the developing coronavirus pandemic seems to be, something even more serious has developed in the United States, posing a great and lasting threat to the republic and to the world: the Cassandra Epidemic. Engineered personally by President Trump, all arms of government available to him are being systematically culled of anyone who, in the President’s eye, are not sufficiently loyal to him. This obviously includes those who criticize him, but also those who simply disagree, those who don’t do his bidding immediately and unquestioningly, those who don’t praise him enough, and finally those who simply don’t kowtow low enough and often enough. Most of those dismissed are experienced, long-serving experts in their respective fields, and are being replaced with sycophants whose main credential consists of sufficient loyalty. Given Mr. Trump’s exceedingly poor judgement, domestic and foreign policy is becoming seriously and enduringly degraded, resulting in national and global turmoil from which only our enemies will profit. your social media marketing partner
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