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Trump’s Sick Victories

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Tuesday, 14 January 2020 18:26

Trump spooked Iran with the threats of a huge attack into accidentally shooting down a commercial plane, then rubbed it in with lavish praise of protesters demonstrating against the government for the deaths, Trump urging that government not to kill them,

Something similar happened in Venezuela which wasn’t noted at the time. Trump baited and spooked Venezuelan President Maduro into making some incredibly stupid moves. Trump declared Juan Guaidó the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly to be it’s legitimate President seizing Venezuelan assets to give to his shadow government, trying to rush in supplies and aid for Guaido to distribute. Mendoro closing the border unintentionally further disrupted the economy, more
ammunition for Trump to condemn.

Trump’s meanest to immigrants got many desperate refugee not to come. Ann Coulter, an anti-immigrant activist first supported Trump, but after opponents to immigration were upset that Trump got less funding for a boarder-wall after he closed down the government,than before he did it, Ann Coulter called him a con-artist just screwing around with immigration and said she was disgusted with the way he attacks children, Former Ohio Governor, once Republican Presidential contender John Kasich, is even more upset with Trump’s meanness and would be an excellent choice for a United Front Save our Democracy Presidential Ticket. The Impeachment debate is leaving out Trump’s real crimes.

Besides endangering Third World Democracy, Trump is endangering US Democracy, and that of Israel as well. Corrupt indited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was removed from his lessor cabinet positions, but before being forced to resign as Prime Minister, Trump saying Israel is united when it comes to foreign policy. Netanyahu managing to remain Prime Minister would severally endanger Israeli Democracy.

Somehow US politics will have to pay a lot more attention to Trump’s slick meanness if democracy would be able it continue into the future. your social media marketing partner
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