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writing for godot

Trump manipulates his followers, but more ominously the rest of us as well

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Saturday, 21 December 2019 14:32

Trump is an incredibly skilled manipulator and con-artist. His shallow economic bubble gave some minority people there first part time job. Those who feel lucky to have a job, not blaming him that the things they need and want being more expensive. Trump is pretending there is no global warming to put funds into the economic bubble instead.

When the House tried to get witnesses and documents to investigate the whistle-blowers complaint, Trump cried foul because there was no impeachment, and every other time someone backs down Trump is articulate in shouting, unfair. for not giving in even more. As the House Impeached, the President compromised toward the bills the Democrats want.

I can only, think of some partial solutions. Praise and help Justin Amash, who was the only Republican House Member for Impeachment, in his re-election fight as an Independent. Praise and aid Conservatives who oppose Trump, maybe subscribe to Christianity Today a publication Trump is condemning. Give to Tusi Gabard’s Presidential bid, who is trying to bring the country together. She voted “Present on Impeachment” to protest the partisan fight. Push for a Never-Trumper as the Democratic VP.

Unless non-Conservatives who are trying to stop Trump start giving heavy praise to Conservatives who oppose Trump. Othrtwise Trump might outlast any attempt to stop him. “Google, “Everything Trump Touches Dies:

Click and spread around,

t’s getting late and time to sleep I hope when I wake up some morning that Trump’s name and picture is not on the currency, flag and other national paraphernalia.

One thing that would really help is writing material that would tend to bridge the political divide.

Here is an example,


Hillary when she was competing with Obama for the Democratic nomination said she wanted abortions to be safe, legal and rare. I wish she would have continued to want abortions to be rare.

Philadelphia is fighting to get its own gun laws to combat gun deaths. Already one can drive over a bridge to nearby Camden. New Jersey and discover you are a criminal by having a gun in your glove compartment.  Every jurisdiction wants its own own phoning and texting while driving laws while putting a few worse case examples in jail. President Trump puts judges on the Supreme Court who favor the corporations and more opportunities for the rich to get richer, promising some day that each state will get the right to pass its own abortion laws.

This is not the road to less traffic deaths, less gun deaths or less abortion, especially since Trump attacking food-stamps puts financially desperate women more and more in a corner, and someone with an unregistered gun is afraid to call the police after hearing a robber breaking in.

Whether or not Tulsi Gabbard or I succeeded much, we need to find ways to stop Americans to stop hating each other so much. your social media marketing partner
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