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writing for godot


Written by johnescher   
Monday, 25 November 2019 06:28

For just a moment I was Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rogers in front of a first grade class in one of the Cesar Chavez schools of Detroit.

I don't know how valid generalities are about very young kids.  Sometimes you can't even determine their gender much less their inherited national characteristics.

But I have always thought that a Mexican mouse was not exactly the same as an American mouse.  And I read somewhere that Latin America brought Cervantes across in a way that the U.S. and Canada Shakespeare did not.

This isn't true when you consider the permanent Shakespeare Festival of Stratford, Ontario or the Duke and Dauphin Royal Nonesuch section of HUCKLEBERRY FINN which led to David People's script for the movie UNFORGIVEN.

I started by reading from a chair as the kids were gathered on a green rug at my feet.

The story about a mouse compelled a total silence that is pretty unusual for substitute teaching.

Despite my having just taken attendance, the kids to me were more group than individuals-- little Americans from Detroit's Mexicantown. My role clearly was to perform theater in which the actor (me) might stare into someone's face without knowing her name.

The story over I began to squeak.

In response the kids themselves began to squeak-- at first softly then more loudly in a chorus the noise of which spilled out into the halls.  Each voice tried to be more clear and pronounced than the others.

This is perhaps the best teaching experience I've ever had.  The regular teacher out in the hall giving tests thought the rising cacaphony both great and fine.  I knew meanwhile I loved these kids.  I continue to feel that way.

Granted Mexican kids are not exactly the same as Hondurans or Guatamalans but I would be willing to bet that they all have a bit of Cervantes in them.  Well, reader, you could say all kids are kids and not of any nation and you would be right too.

That is one reason the knowledge of Latin American kids locked in cages hurts so much.  They need release right away.  And this wish is different from the Republican love of embryos which are part human after all but still part squiggly thing too.

Are the kids in Donald Trump's internment camps happy kids?  There could be a moment I suppose where they squeak but I doubt it.

President Donald Trump needs to be impeached and convicted and removed from office immediately on the off-chance that the Latin American kids can be released the following day. your social media marketing partner
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