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Calling Out the Trumpzis

Written by johnescher   
Wednesday, 14 August 2019 18:11

Frank Figliuzzi the F.B.I. guy who often speaks at MSNBC thinks that people do not call out Donald Trump sufficiently much for his moral transgressions and in this I agree.

But Figliuzzi also does not believe that people like me should assign morally charged labels to Trump supporters lest they band together into a tightly intransigent group.

Too late.  That ship already sailed.  Nobody is going to break off a Trumpzi and cause him to see some kind of light.  It won't happen.  The dude is too far gone.

It makes sense therefore to call a Trumpzi a Trumpzi and look for new supporters among non Trump supporting Republicans and Democrats and independents who somehow despite all the convincing information out there remain confused. your social media marketing partner
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