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writing for godot

So Okay, What If He Did Shoot Somebody, Would That Be Enough?

Written by John Miller   
Wednesday, 17 July 2019 17:43

Ok, I gotta ask, what the hell will it take? Why has there been such a delay? Two and a half years of total and unmitigated disaster! Why would we put up with this? We wouldn’t allow a substitute, part-time dishwasher to get away with what we have allowed the “Leader of the Free World” to do! (The bold-faced lying alone would be grounds for termination.)

If I ran a red light, you can bet your booty that I would never be heard from again. By the end of the day. This douche bag has repeatedly, flagrantly, openly, violated ALL the seven deadly sins and, and, and, nothin’.  All of them: Lust , Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Envy, even Gluttony, for crying out loud.

Yet nothin’.

I firmly believe the election was stolen, literally, with vote totals changed by the Russians to his favor, besides all the FaceBook nonsense. Yet documented facts indicate that he has been allowed to appoint two Supreme Court Justices for life, lied 10,000 times, put children in cages, obstructed justice, met in secret with foreign adversaries, failed to appoint cabinet secretaries, hid his finances, stolen millions donated to his inauguration, bribed women during the campaign, colluded with the Russians to get elected, tried to fix the census, and more…

Yet, nothin’.

There are dozens of investigations going on, which you know will all reveal huge crimes or at least scandalous behavior.

And, nada.

The Republicans wouldn’t even lose the White House! They could put lil Pence in tomorrow with zero loss of power. And hopefully less danger of starting a World War.

But all we hear are crickets.

From the movie “Being There” is the line “All you gotta be is white in America and you can get whatever you want!”

Heck, I’m white and I could never get away with a tiny fraction of this.

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+3 # Robert S. Becker 2019-07-18 09:35
Murder on video with pre-meditation would do it, but think of the abysmal bar for this crime to be enough. And 20% would still say their messiah has to break a few eggs to make an omelet. We have a primitive population in part, full of deplorables who somehow got their deplorable crook elected. How bad will it have to be when, as with climate change, we pass the threshold of no return?
+1 # pappajohn 2019-07-19 05:29
With the number of hypnotized "base" and the number of spineless Republicans, I do wonder if there is anything that would do the trick. Speaking of "trick," Nixon at least tried to conceal his wrongdoing, and was able to run out the clock for two or three years. This dude is a openly terrible, multifaceted criminal, and STILL there have been zero repercussions.

I just can't imagine what Kompromat he has on the GOP leadership...
+1 # hwmcadoo 2019-08-02 14:31
If the rule is a rule and he cannot be indicted, then he cannot be indicted for murder. The whole thing is a scam designed to allow Trump to be above the law. I don’t see any such exceptions written into the DOJ rule.

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