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Save Our Democracy Announce the Brave Pro-Impeachment Republican Leaning Libertarian as the Future Democratic VP

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Sunday, 07 July 2019 15:25

I have an idea, I would like to see Democratic candidates muse over having an extremely effective critic of Trump as the Democratic VP to at the very minimum, at least keep Trump’s most convincing critic in the news. Up to President Kennedy a balanced ticket was the usual road to victory for the Democratic ticket.  

With Hillary so many Democratic Delegates grounded when she chose Tim Kaine that Bernie supporters could have joined in shouting “No” when the convention asked for acclimation, maybe leading to a winning Hillary-Bernie team.

Justin Amash as the then only Republican Representative calling for Impeachment electrified Trump critics. He is also antiwar like Bernie. He announce that he actually read the entire Mueller Report. He convinced a large number of Independents to support Impeachment. Independents are the deciding vote in many Presidential elections. Google reference, “National support for Impeachment is now even and the reason is Republican Justin Amash”

Biden is supported by the Democrats who believe he is the most likely candidate to beat Trump. If Bernie announced he was considering if he is chosen, have a balanced ticket with a now Republican leaning Independence his running mate Bernie’s poll numbers would increase. Other candidates could agree and have their poll numbers go up as well, or just discussion who should be a balancing candidate for the VP should make Democrats less desperate to think they need to put up with Biden.

It's awfully that Justin Amash was hounded so badly by the Trump team that he announced he is leaving the GOP.

Many Trump critics on the right or who are Libertarian have been systemically harassed on Twitter, Facebook and have had their phones clogged  

During the Vietnam War very few war critics complained to the effect that the anti-war GI’s were still evil murderers. Mostly the antiwar movement considered them heroes, and seeing the cheering encouraged other active duty GI’s to risk jail by also speaking out against the war.

Today rather than consider to be heroes, conservatives who bravely upset the base, by opposing Trump’s march toward dictatorship and sometimes lose their political jobs because of it are not considered heroes. Trying to kick a Democratic Governor who opposes choice out of the Democratic Party, makes no sense. To understand Trump fully we need Ann Coulter’s insight that she was conned by Trump, that Trump is screwing around and spreading unnecessary cruelty rather than actually limiting immigration, actually making it easier for employers to get the foreign workers they want. There is no cause Trump actually supports other than getting the rich richer, Kim Jong un, Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, and Israeli Prime Minister’s Netanyahu attempt to destroy Israeli democracy.

To back up a moment both Bernie and Biden have a sence of integrity that will do well against Trump providing they balance the ticket. Candidates that mimic Trump’s one liners and simplistic rhetoric will be hopeless in trying to out do Trump’s techniques?

Let's start the fall election campaign now, especially if Bernie and possibly some of the other contenders state they are likely to listen to future Vice President Amash's expert opinion when it comes to preserving our Democratic traditions, and put Amash in charge of criticizing Trump, something Independents will listen to. your social media marketing partner
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