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writing for godot

Me and Nancy

Written by johnescher   
Sunday, 30 June 2019 06:55

Too bad your heart is sinking so much, Nancy?  Is that why you won't do impeachment?  No heart?  But you're so brilliant!  So will your brilliance compensate for your lack of heart?  Oh, maybe we can all get jobs with the next Trump administration?

I'm very special.  Nancy Pelosi has been having a private conversation with me.  She's so direct, calls me by name, says, "John, I'm so sad" or "John, I'm floored," or "John, my heart is sinking."

It's always about how much money Donald Trump is raising.  Then Nancy asks me if I can contribute.  She doesn't seem to know I live in a charity.

But, and this is very true:  I have written to her, telling that if she will immediately institute impeachment proceedings I will contribute one dollar to the dnnc (I think that's what it's called).  "If you don't, you don't deserve one cent from anybody."  I haven't heard back on that.  But my conviction remains that the most likely way to lose to Donald Trump is to lay back and just try with broad-based appeals to match the financial contributions pouring in from the fat cats who support him.

Frankly, Nancy's reluctance shocks me.  As one of the contributors to the "Godot" section of this website recently wrote, Nancy is not the person to lead the impeachment drive since her heart isn't in it.  And that is understatement!  She is, in fact, painting an image of the American woman as a recessive person.

It's just amazing how all of Nancy's pitches for money have lying down metaphors in them.  She's so astounded by all the money Donald Trump is able to raise that she's ready to faint!

What kind of an image of American womanhood is this?  Will she brandish a silk handkerchief as she gasps and fails and falls?

Could she appoint a surrogate to run the impeachment drive, somebody who will actually take a shot, say, Megan Rapinoe? your social media marketing partner
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