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The Democratic Debates

Written by Citizen Mike   
Friday, 28 June 2019 06:09

Now I have a more clear idea who stands for what and how they present themselves. And how the Democrats can close ranks behind one candidate who is electable, has good proposals on the major issues, and most importantly can push aside this monster Trump and restore the orderly customs of our democratic constitutional republic.

I formerly supported Sanders, and he is right on the principal issues and proposals, he is righteous, just and morally correct. But he comes across as an angry old sourpuss and a zealot who will not negotiate and compromise as our political processes require. He lacks the charisma needed to win an election and like Carter, who was impeccably moral, would not be able to govern effectively and realize the excellent proposals that have now been adopted by the other principal contenders.

So the best and most patriotic thing he could do now is to withdraw and ask his followers to unite behind the more electable contender with whom he agrees on most issues and whose proposals echo his own. That would be Warren, who is not stuck behind the "socialist" label but supports a social democratic form of capitalism, with monopolies dismantled, solid regulations in place to protect the public and the environment, and both health care and education established as human rights, not special privileges.

She can project a charismatic persona, and reach out to those who feel it is time to elect a female president. And importantly, make clear that she will select her VP, cabinet secretaries and department heads from amongst the other presidential contenders we have seen in these two debates who are clearly in general agreement with her principles. This is how we can most effectively defeat the Trumpist party of greed, cruelty, race hatred and science denial.

Please spread this editorial as far as you can reach.

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