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Obliterate the Deplorables

Written by johnescher   
Wednesday, 26 June 2019 12:03

In the 6/26/19 news, President Trump threatened to obliterate Iran. This is the exact same word and threat once delivered by Hillary Clinton, her worst language choice ever, that came in stark contrast to her supremely accurate best, which was coinage of "deplorables" for Trump supporters, although "Fascists" or even the stronger "Nazis" would have worked too.

We also remember John McCain's infamous "bomb bomb Iran" which despite or maybe because of its attempt at a joke was evidence of three idiots in a row. The most sensible American on the subject of Iran is Bruce Laingen now in his nineties and retired in Minnesota. He was the head of the hostages held in Teheran for 14 months. He said that Iranians are remarkably open to good conversation and all ideas so long as you don't get their backs up. This view is the exact opposite to that voiced by the knucklehead Trump in the pages of The NY Times today, that Iranians only respond to hardline pressure.

I'd like to hear Trump's evidence for that. your social media marketing partner
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