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writing for godot

There's no there there?

Written by Philip Kraske   
Wednesday, 08 August 2018 13:19

Whaddaya mean, "There's no there there"?

I've got three bets on there being there,

And not some there that's from anywhere,

But a big fat there caught fair and square.


Besides, Don's there must be everywhere:

Mar-a-Lago must have it to spare,

And with his hotels there's no compare

For impeachable there per foot square.


'Cause who's Ms. Page to say what's there?

Her parsed there holds margin of err',

Being conceived by her ex-herr,

Who from there could not tell a pear.


What type of there I really don't care:

It could be a cheap or hand-me-down there,

Do-it-yourself or photoshopped there,

Bought on Amazon and shipped free there.


The point's to find a big stinky there,

The kind of there that will cut The Hair

Of a prez who scrapes the nation bare,

Which to him is neither here nor there.


Now there's one there that might not be there:

This job by hackers extraordinaire,

The proof of which being thinner than air,

Although my take gets no public fare.


No fare, at the least, among confrere

Whose jobs depend on hunting this hare,

And doing in The Manhattan Bear,

This bellowing prez who's not all there. your social media marketing partner

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