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History of Recent Presidential Administrations, 1901-2031

Written by John Miller   
Tuesday, 29 August 2017 06:59

History of Recent Presidential Administrations, 1901-2031


...with his daughters and wife Michelle in their newly-purchased Washington D.C. home.


Donald J. Trump

January 2017 to October 2017


Incompetence, corruption, dissemination, nepotism and a general cult-of-personality highlighted this very brief administration.

The candidate was an odd-looking, pale, heavyset celebrity with an outrageous comb-over who succeeded a well-spoken, thin, handsome, African American Democrat.

The disputed president was a rough speaking, somewhat failed (multiple bankruptcies) real estate developer and long time reality television star who many thought was running as a publicity stunt for his branded businesses. He was a former Democrat who had spent the majority of his predecessor’s term as a spokesman for an unsupported conspiracy theory that the president was actually born in Kenya, and was not eligible to be president at all.

His short term of office was punctuated by poor communication, using a then popular Internet system called “Twitter,” which allowed the sender to use only 140 characters to send a message that others could then read. Trump’s messages were frequently difficult to understand, misspelled, poorly worded and conflicted with his own administration’s positions.

The White House was hurriedly staffed with a group of under-qualified people who were regularly fired or forced out and replaced with more “loyal,” but equally unqualified and inexperienced personnel. The president had numerous embarrassing contacts with other world leaders and was quickly dismissed as a joke in the world community.

During the campaign, and after the unpredicted razor thin Electoral College* win, the “president-elect” continued to rely on many advisors with questionable credentials and ties to foreign governments. The new president refused to release his personal financial information (then called “tax returns”) that only heightened the suspicion of his motives. Initial initiatives were reminiscent of nascent Nazi Germany and other fascist leaders of the previous century with attacks on the free press, the opposition party and eventually the president’s own party. Shortly thereafter, many representatives in Congress began to express doubts about Trump’s ability to serve and even his mental well being. A “Special Counsel” was appointed by the president’s own Justice Department to investigate the election.

Nearing the end of his foreshortened term, Trump began to position himself to avoid incarceration for the many crimes that were becoming increasingly obvious. He pardoned an abusive County Sheriff from Phoenix, Arizona and, when that went unchallenged, began to pardon his own family and other advisors that he feared would implicate him. These included several business associates from Russia, who had conspired with their business partner to steal the 2016 election. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, remained in power, though quickly disassociating himself from the many bankers and Russian officials that had conspired with the soon-to-be departing president in the election.

Trump resigned in early October 2017, shortly after the first reports from the Special Counsel revealed that he had conspired with the Russians to falsify the election returns and steal the election. The Vice President, after pardoning his predecessor, also resigned, while the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, took office as a “caretaker” president and vowed to refrain from making any policy changes for the final year of his term. In 2018, new, free elections were held and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a progressive who narrowly missed running against Trump, was elected to a special, 6-year term.

*An antiquated system that awarded electors to the candidates who received the most votes in each individual state.


Bernie Sanders

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