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writing for godot


Written by James and Jean Anton   
Friday, 25 November 2016 02:46

The quote below by William Kunstler is perfectly appropo to what is occurring in North Dakota right now. But America is even worse now than it was in Kunstler's time because of a state-sponsored, corporate-controled massive, media blackout. We should not forget when Trump (Obama with a backbone) takes over that this outrage began on Obama's watch.

When Obama passes the gauntlet to Trump, the stage will have been set to take things even further. With only weeks left in office he suggests that "fake news" should be stopped. What do you think? Do you think the alt-right (Fascists) will like Obama's idea? Do you think they will like to stop news stories they don't like? Do you think they will continue Obama's policy of jailing journalists and arresting and torturing whistle blowers? Constitution or not, censorship of any sources that are not approved by the Secret Government will be legalized. Thanks for nothing Mr. President.

“And that’s the terrible myth of organized society. That everything that’s done through the established system is legal. And that word has a powerful psychological impact. It makes people believe that there is an order to life and an order to a system. And that a person who goes through this order and is convicted has gotten all that is due him and therefore society can turn its conscious off and look to other things and other times. And that’s the terrible thing about these past trials that they have this aura of legitimacy an aura of legality. I suspect that better men than the world has known and more of them have gone to their deaths through a legal system then through all the illegalities in the history of man. Six million people in Europe during the Third Reich, legal, Sacco and Vanzetti, quite legal, the Haymarket defendants, legal, the hundreds of rape trials throughout the south where black men were condemned to death all legal, Jesus legal, Socrates legal and that is the kaleidoscopic nature of what we live through here and in other places because all tyrants learn that it is far better to do this thing through some semblance of legality than to do it without that pretext.”

The Sane Progressive, Debbie, believes that we may actually be better off with Trump as President than we were with with Obama (How dare she?)  She has eloquently and passionately explained the poison, the cancer that Obama has been to the Nation.   One example is Obama's latest hypocrisy of calling November “Native American Heritage Month” while at the same time winking at the violence and atrocities of the state and private armies in North Dakota.  With his duplicitous proclamation, he puts up a false flag.  He will serve as a lightning rod.  On the one hand the neo-Fascists and White Supremacists and Christian Supremacists will condemn him as un-American.  On the other, neo-liberals will take up the gauntlet against the the neoFascists and White Supremacists and Christian Supremacists, instead of showing up in North Dakota.  As Debbie explains so eloquently, Obama and the Democrats sooth their consciences with sweet talk…  they can feel comfortable as they stuff themselves with tryptophan and fall asleep sweet dreaming, while the Water Protectors are attacked, threatened, and jailed.  That is the poison of identity politics…  brilliant!

The Sane Progressive’s website address is  All Americans should subscribe to it.

Here’s an original idea – let’s declare 2017 Native American Heritage YEAR, and give the proclamation some teeth.   Let’s vow that for an entire year (is that too much to ask?) we will honor the treaties we made with them.  What do you think? your social media marketing partner


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+10 # Doubledee 2016-11-25 19:24
If I may offer another viewpoint:

Trump is nothing like Obama, nor did what ails this nation begin with the Obama administration, far from it. I do not attempt to whitewash the ills that beset this historic administration, not by any means.

The election to our highest office of a mixed race person was and remains a milestone in this nation's history. That the individual himself was far too cowardly to stand up for what he knew to be right, refused to oppose a sick branch of our government , the majority of which refused to do the business for which they had been elected will be his deserved place in history.

Trump, on the other hand, will use the office to which he was "elected" as a profit center, juts as he did his own campaign. Trump is a hollow real estate hustler in a $3000 suit, one to whom details are boring and delegation of all responsibility and duties a hallmark.

My hope is that he will do such blatant illegalities as to make impeachment too obvious to ignore. But I am an optimistic sort.
+3 # Caliban 2016-11-30 22:02
President Obama's legacy will look much stronger in retrospect than some RSN readers can see now, I suspect.

But Trump's performance will only get worse the longer he can persuade the GOP and neo-Apprentice wannabes to keep him in office.

I'm glad you are "an optimistic sort", #Doubledee. I usually am, but on Trump? Not so much.
+1 # madame de farge 2016-12-12 10:47
I will never forget Obama's appointing Timmy weasel Geithner and the subsequent bailout of Wall Street and not main street...This and the overturn of Glass Steagul are TRAITOROUS.... The triple bank frauds of Inflated Appraisals, the total ignoring of Underwriting Standards developed centuries ago,,, and the Fraudulent Reps and Warranties, let alone the Banksters collusion in the Forex, silver and all sorts of markets IS also TRAITOROUS...TH E BANKS who took the bailouts should ALL be nationalized and run by REPUTABLE people....
0 # Caliban 2017-03-24 10:44
Only Congress could nationalize the banking system, and the Koch brothers will not allow that.
0 # heartofnests 2016-12-14 17:12
If Trump gets dumped, Pence steps in. The chaos and anxiety of a despotic, corrupt President will be less destructive than the absolute tyranny of a righteous homophobic mysogynist.
+2 # kyzipster 2016-12-05 13:00
I remember the Obama Administration coming out boldly in Obama's first year to open a dialog about 'fake news' and dangerous propaganda, focusing on the undeniable bias of Fox News. They were shot down by members of the 'mainstream media', so called liberal media (I know, I know, corporate shills), for trying to suppress First Amendment rights. Because they were urging a dialog, urging journalists to do their frigging jobs, urging the citizenry to resist it.

Over the last 8 years Fox and the rest have spread toxic lies about American Muslims, a 'terrorist loving' President, instilling a real fear that sharia law is coming to the US. Lies about undocumented workers, racist to the core. Painting BLM as a terrorist organization at every opportunity. Of course there are consequences and the Republican Convention was a theater of fear. It has become so normalized, so legitimized that we don't even question it anymore. Fact checking is apparently suppressing free speech. Now liberals are beating each other up for ignoring the fears and concerns of Trump voters and hardly mentioning this propaganda that feeds it.

This article is more evidence. The country may be over and the media is the biggest problem imo, and this acceptance of it. We can't even support a president for speaking out against fake news, massive propaganda that dumbs down the population.
+1 # kyzipster 2016-12-05 13:10
Considering the good news around Standing Rock that came out yesterday, and the support that Trump has voiced for the pipeline. I'm not ready to subscribe to your website. I don't know if Obama was involved, but I'm very concerned about what will happen when Trump is sworn in.
-2 # Capn Canard 2016-12-09 09:04
"Trump is Obama with backbone"


Trump is Obama with white skin, but even more important, he is very wealthy. That wealth has given him carte blanche. He looks to have NPD/narcissitic personality disorder and now he is our president.

Ah, the power of wealth, can you smell it?


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