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1 ISIS Is Obama’s Fault for Not Leaving Troops in Iraq, Right?
2 Adib's Story: An Ezidi Woman Who Escaped the Islamic State Dr. Amy L. Beam
3 Go It Alone Again or Have the UN Play its Proper Role? David Starr
4 Traumatized Ezidis Share Tragic Stories at Hilal School in North Kurdistan Dr. Amy L. Beam
5 Conditions in 11 Yezidi Refugee Camps in Turkey Dr. Amy L. Beam
6 Roboski: How a village of 1200 saved 20,000 Ezidi refugees with help of PKK Dr. Amy L. Beam
7 A Quacked-Up Strategy to Stop Terrorism Walter Brasch
8 ISIS behead American journalist Dr Mohammed Ilyas
9 ISIS is a crisis Walter Hecht
10 Humanitarian Crisis Looming for Turkey's Kurds in Mahmur Camp, Iraq Dr. Amy L. Beam
11 Iraq, then and now Walter Hecht
12 Tweet This! ISIS and Social Media Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
13 Terror in Iraq; Roots and Motivation Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
14 Iraq, ISIS, and Intervention: Just What Is Going On? JOHN W CHUCKMAN
15 Who lost Iraq? Walter Hecht
16 10 CATASTROPHES: IRAQ 10 YEARS AFTER Chandra Muzaffar
17 Be Patient! Survive! Never Give Up Hope! Rise Up Times
18 I Long For a Iraq War Coming Home Celebration Richard Kane
19 Veterans Reflect Washington Peace Center
20 Iraq One Year Later: Sanctions Continue War Washington Peace Center
21 Voices from Iraq: End the Occupation Now! Washington Peace Center
22 Promise to America
23 Fake News: Obama to Continue Iraq War Michael Adler
24 Terrorism from an Iraqi perspective LAMAR HANKINS

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